Special Series- Dynamic Duos: Patterns & Pops


Dynamic Duos: Patterns & Pops

Written by Lacey Spruce || Photos by Kristina Lynn Photography

After taking one look at the Patterns & Pops Instagram feed, it’s easy to see why fashionistas all around the world are addicted to this fun, colorful, trendy online boutique. The pops of colors, daring prints, unique backgrounds, and special appearances by the shop owners make you feel like you’re a part of their girl gang--and trust me, you want to be a part of it! Denver locals Lindsay Naughton and Brittany Brennan are the dynamic duo behind P&P, and their taste for fun prints and bright colors means shoppers will walk away with a unique piece that will turn heads without breaking the bank. Lindsay and Brittany answered a few questions via email so that we can get to know the girls behind the pops. Keep reading to find out their favorite trends for spring, what it’s like to be a part of the Denver fashion scene, and just what inspired this duo to open up shop.

Tell me a little bit about your partnership. What do you think makes you a "dynamic duo”?

Lindsay:  Brittany and I were co-workers before we were ever friends, which really taught us to be honest and candid with each other in a professional environment. This open communication created an amazing foundation for a friendship, and after working together for a few years we realized how much we liked each other! :) Not to mention how much we had in common, and also what each of us enjoyed and excelled in that was different from the other. Brittany is very creative, and I am very logistics and numbers centered so we complement each other well. The biggest thing we have in common, other than our love for fashion, obviously, is our drive. We both want to push the envelope, try something new, and succeed at what we love!

Brittany: It’s important to surround yourself by people who bring out your best self and don’t hold you back. Early on, we realized we had a strong partnership because we trusted each other and appreciated what each person had to offer in the relationship. We always joke that we are married to our husbands, and then we are married to each other. If I don’t hear from Lindsay in a day that would be a weird day. We’re both excited to see what the future has in store and want to not only take P&P to it’s fullest potential, but make connections in the fashion world and bring people together to inspire, create and collaborate!



How would each of you describe your personal style?

Lindsay:  I will try any trend at least once :)  I’ve always been somewhat of a chameleon with my style; somedays I’m girly, other days preppy and structured and sometimes even a little edgy. Clothing is fun, and  having lots of options gives me a chance to express whatever I’m feeling that day. Putting together outfits, to me, is a more sophisticated, grown up game of dress up!

Brittany: I feel my best in a flirty skirt, fitted blouse, and flats. I’ve never been afraid to try a new trend to see if it’s going to work for me, but I always seem to be drawn towards the more girly and structured pieces. And color! I love color :)


What does expressing personal style mean to you?

Lindsay: Giving a first impression before even introducing yourself. No, looks are not everything, but they can say a lot about who you are and how you view yourself--are you more playful, serious, laid back, etc. Make a statement just by walking in a room--even the most confident person feels better in a great outfit!!

Brittany: Dressing for your mood. The great thing about fashion is you can do whatever you want when you want to--It’s pretty liberating. If you feel like wearing a sassy dress and heels one day and then your old shredded college T and cut off shorts the next, you can.


How does Patterns & Pops help others express their personality and their personal style?

Patterns & Pops is all about statement pieces. We love color, we love patterns, and we love how we feel when we wear them. So why not inspire women to feel the same? Our goal is to find you clothing that sparks a compliment from a stranger. We aren’t as much about selling you the complete outfit, as we are about taking the basics you already own and transforming them with a statement piece to complete the outfit. Our customer is definitely more about an attitude than an age, and that attitude goes something like, “Hello world! This is me, today is a wonderful day and I look as beautiful as I feel!”

patternsandpopsboutique_0005 patternsandpopsboutique_0006

If you could only keep one item of clothing in your closet currently, what would you choose and why?

Lindsay: One of my P&P jumpsuits - they are so versatile, whether I’m throwing it on over a swimsuit or dressing it up with heels, it’s a full outfit and always looks chic!

Brittany: A short, black and white, polka dot, party skirt. I like to show off my legs!






What is your favorite part about being a business owner?

Lindsay: Taking risks and being adaptable. Risky business decisions become much more exciting and also much more serious when it’s all your own hard work and investment that you’re gambling with. The success or failure of our company rides solely on us. That being said, the comfort of trying something new without knowing 100% it will work is that we can also adapt when things don’t go as planned. In past jobs it was, at times, exhausting to have to run through the gamut of meeting after meeting to change a process or develop a new strategy. Now, Brittany and I can sit down, weigh our options, and with no B.S. make a decision and move forward. We learn from our past but don’t dwell on it, because it is the future that holds more opportunity.

Brittany: Creative freedom is a big part of it. When we come up with a concept and see it executed successfully from the photographs, to the marketing, the sale, and then the customer service, it feels really good to know- hey we did that! Then of course there are “cozy days.” Lindsay and I will text each other before the day starts and decide if it’s going to be a sweats and no-makeup kinda day. One of the perks of working from home.

What's the best part about being a part of the fashion scene in Denver?

The community! When we started this venture, we had no idea how many great people we would meet along the way from our clients, to the bloggers, and other boutique owners. We were posting photos on Instagram and using the hashtag #DenverFashion and before we knew it, we found a creative group of individuals that were excited about the same things we were.




How do you choose which designers you carry?

Since we sell mostly statement pieces, we understand that fads come and go so it’s important for us to keep things affordable for our customers (under $100--how sweet is that?). We work with a range of vendors from the “big guys,” the types of brands that you would see at a department store, to the "little guys," local designers who make screen printed T’s or handmade tulle skirts. We look for designers who have the same love for patterns and colors that we do.

What trends are you most excited about for spring?

  • Yellow: Bright & happy- just the way we like it! One of our favorite colors this spring, and it pairs brilliantly with neutrals.
  • Jumpsuits & Rompers: These babies have always been a go-to for us because when you find one that fits you, it’s truly magical. And! Pair with some fun accessories and you have a complete outfit.
  • Athleisure: We are loving the crisp black and white lines that are coming from this style. It’s an updated Sporty Spice look that we can’t get enough of (90s children here).
  • Fringe: Mostly because it’s fun to dance in, and who doesn’t want to feel like Daisy from the Great Gatsby?

patternsandpopsboutique_0010 patternsandpopsboutique_0011

Who or what inspires your personal style?

Lindsay:  My peers--from someone I see on the street, to bloggers, to the runway, to Brittany!  I like to see what other people are wearing and take little bits and make them my own. One of my favorite games is to have someone else raid my closet and put together outfits with my clothing, it’s amazing what they’ll come up with that I have never thought to pair!

Brittany: I should be committed to the Over-Inspired Addicts Anonymous. When you’re a creative it can be hard to not be inspired by literally everything around you: Interior design, color, brands, celebrities, bloggers, friends, social media. Sometimes I have to step away from Pinterest.

If you could choose any decade of style to come back into fashion, what would it be?

It’s been really fun to see ALL of the decades incorporated into the last few years of fashion. Sometimes we will get a new piece and show our moms and they will be like “Oh my gawd- I totally wore something like that in high school!” That being said, we are very partial to the feminine and structured look of the 50s, and the free-spirited and patterned ways of the 70s.




What inspired you to open Patterns & Pops?

Our love affair for clothing and fashion started at a young age, but really started to flourish after college when we were both working full time and spending the majority of our paychecks on clothing. We wanted to create a sustainable environment for us to work in and let’s be honest here, LIVE in. Before we knew it we’d come up with this crazy idea. Patterns & Pops challenges us to think differently, work hard and really make something for ourselves; but best of all, Patterns & Pops makes us smile, so we think we’ve got to be on the right track! Girl bosses for life!


Visit Patterns & Pops online, like them on Facebook, and follow them on Instagram @patternsandpops to be the first to see new arrivals in the store and find out when you can attend a “sip ‘n shop” party where you can shop their styles in pop-up shops around Denver.

Lacey Spruce is the creator of personal style blog My Boring Closet and a Denver Style Magazine contributor.