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Dynamic Duos: Style Meets Function at The Bespoke Pedaler

Written by Lacey Spruce || Photos by Melissa Mullins

Sometimes, when it comes to business, it takes two! For business owners Emily Hogle and Rick Evans, having a balanced partnership is key to every aspect of life, including owning and operating urban lifestyle boutique, The Bespoke Pedaler. I had the pleasure of asking them a few questions about their personal style, the meeting of style and function, and a bit about why, in business ownership, two is better than one.

Tell me a little bit about your partnership. What do you think makes you a "dynamic duo"?

Emily: At the root of it, what makes us work together is a common passion for life. If one of us dwindles or missteps we fill the space for the other and keep things going because life is good.

Rick: In a word, balance. We balance each other with traits that we each excel at, but they are different traits. Our balanced partnership transcends every aspect of our life, professional and personal.


How would each of you describe your personal style?  

Emily: I aspire to a style that is rooted in balanced contrast. And I err on the side of minimal. I like to pair slim with baggy, smooth with textured, long with short, warm with cool, analogous colors. And one impactful accessory.

Rick: A style that is elegant, classic and innovative: remarkable without standing out.

What does expressing personal style mean to you?  

Emily: It's an outward expression of how I wish to interact with the world and how I wish for the world to interact with me. I was raised to get dressed according to the person/place or thing. And to never wear sweatpants in public. My mom dressed to get groceries. Sure, it was jeans and penny loafers, but she took her role and going out in public seriously. As I've grown older, I see how this has allowed me to cultivate self-respect and respect for the hard work of others who invite you into their world.

Rick:  It means understanding yourself very well and feeling comfortable interacting with anyone and everyone with openness and kindness no matter what the current trend tends to be.


How does The Bespoke Pedaler help others express their personality and their personal style?  

Emily: The Bespoke Pedaler is all about supporting a life where you can commute, bike, walk, hike, travel, dine, work, etc. without a separate wardrobe. So in this regard we hope to assist others with living that urban life they desire; outside of their car and without worrying if the weather will turn on them or they might get invited to dinner but they are commuting by bike. The products we curate are a thoughtful blend of timeless tailored design and high function. So, you can create a unique wardrobe that works for you at every level - casual to business dress - and performs for you at a high level too. Spontaneity is not dead!

Rick: Riding a bike is a simple solution to many issues Americans and the world face: traffic & parking congestion, environmental complications, and deteriorating health. But at the end of the day, riding a bike is simply fun and brings joy to people. The Bespoke Pedaler provides the opportunity for more people to blend their style with a life on the bike, and to see beyond the notion that a bike is solely for fitness...but that it can be as easy and essential as a car and far more fun, healthy and environmental.

How did The Bespoke Pedaler come to be? What was the inspiration behind your store?  

Emily: In our research to create a business around bikes and people - we realized that the commuter (regardless of your style) was really not being supported in a traditional bike shop. Additionally, we noticed that apparel, accessories, and footwear were often a tertiary focus to a shop with bikes and service. We personally want to live an urban life where walking or biking is the best choice in most cases. So. we decided to pull those items to the forefront and then refine the focus to support this urban life. Incidentally, we found many brands that were aspiring to the same thing. It's not mountaineering, it's not 50 mile road riding, it's daily life.

Rick:  With both of us being cyclists with careers in Architecture and Interior Design, design and bikes are high priorities for us and our kids; thus we began a search for uniting both. Many ideas were generated along the way, all of which were eventually honed into what we have realized with The Bespoke Pedaler.


The clothing you carry at The Bespoke Pedaler is recognized as being the perfect blend of fashion and function. However, if you absolutely HAD to choose between fashion and function personally, what would you choose and why?

Emily: Argh!  Trick question....Ok...Given the functional options out there......fashion. That's where we come in :-)

Rick: Function. But function when done properly will not lack style.

If you could only keep one item of clothing in your closet currently, what would you choose and why?  

Emily:  My Nau cocoon 3/4 down trench. It's like a posh and slimming sleek black sleeping bag that's light enough to wear on warmer days and be prepared for the chill. And thankfully it has a lot of coverage....since it's the only thing left in my wardrobe.

Rick:  My denim jeans; the fit is amazing, the discrete cycling details help me be comfortable and safe while on the saddle and the style is such that I can wear them into the boardroom, on a dinner date with Emily or just hanging at the pub with friends.


What is one essential item you would recommend to someone who is a new commuter cyclist, male and female?  

Emily: For men - I recommend the cycling denim from Upright Cyclist or Cadence. It will revolutionize your comfort level and is US sourced fabric/US made denim. For women - an attractive wind layer like the Nau Chrysalis Dress or a couple other pieces we'll be getting for S/S15. It will turn any jacket into the perfect jacket and it is great on its own above 50 degrees.

Rick: Sorry to be redundant but the denim jeans again. Both the mens and women denim we carry are built for an active lifestyle but provide as much style (and in some cases more) as any denim anywhere.

What is your favorite part about being a business owner?  

Emily: People!! I love people. I have developed so many glorious relationships in the last 6 months. And that will last beyond the biz.

Rick: The joy of providing a place that improves peoples lives, improves our community and is a positive contribution to the health & welfare of our city. As a business owner I am privileged to have this opportunity and I am proud take on that responsibility.


What's the best part about being a part of the fashion scene in Denver?  

Emily: Well, from my perspective it is great to be unique and offer something no one has ever seen in one shop before. It's wild (and sometimes I think we are crazy for it!).

Rick:  The best part of being "a part of the fashion scene in Denver" is that you are saying we are part of the fashion scene of Denver...I'm just truly honored that our shop can play our little part on the stage.

Visit The Bespoke Pedaler online, or in store at 1550 Platte Street Suite A, Denver, Colorado 80202. Stay tuned for our next Dynamic Duo, The Denver Fashion Truck, next week! Lacey Spruce is the creator of personal style blog My Boring Closet and a Denver Style Magazine contributor.