Sparkle, Style, Shine!: Pre-Fall 2016’s 7 Best Classic Trends to Wear Now

Pre-Fall 2016’s 7 Best Classic Trends to Wear Now

Kristen Clough | @sparkelstyleshine

If you’ve been overwhelmed looking through the top fashion magazines for what trends might find a place in your closet this year, you’re not alone. The list is dizzying, everything from Bohemian, Romantic, Menswear inspired to Hoodies top the list. Understandably you could throw a dart at something you’ve loved previously and it would be on the list. Here are some of the more classic trends for this Fall that won’t go out of style s quickly as others.

  • Shearling Jackets - Everyone is a bit over the cold Winter’s of the past and have predicted a warmer than usual season.  This is a great transitional jacket type that will keep you warm and toasty, or leaving it open and loose gives you a bit of breathing room. It’s a great piece that can be paired with either casual or semi formal wear.


  • Catlike Instinct - Does leopard print ever go out of style?  the answer is a resounding no. It may wax an wane a bit, but this year it’s in full force. If you are still hesitant to try this classic trend, start small, bracelets or boots are great starter pieces to add to your wardrobe.



  • Menswear Tailored Suiting - Not sure about the pantsuit trend or haven’t quite committed to looking a little more serious yet? A fitted black jacket with black pants and vibrant shirts can transform stuffy siting into a fun, interesting ensemble. Step by step you can incorporate bits of a trend into your closet and not spend a whole paycheck doing so.




  • Sheer Black Evening Wear - Summer’s light transparency has moved in to a darker mood, black shirting and dresses that are gauzy and see through dominate this season. A little shy about the whole translucent effect? You can thank 2016’s bodysuit trend for keeping you decent in these see transparent times.


  • Wide Leg Pants & Culottes - Love or loathe these roomy, fluid, skirt like wonders, they are a perfect transitional pant for Fall. Several light Summer versions can be paired with cropped sweaters or long sleeve silk shirts tied at the waist. Heavier Culottes are a great cooler weather staple made from wool or a wool blend these will keep you quite toasty.




  • Chokers - Hello 1990’s, we love that you’re back, but we’d love to look a little more grown up this round. How you ask? Simple, make it metal. A simple gold or silver textured or shiny choker elevates any outfit and say’s “Yes, I’ve got it pulled together, what’s next?”




  • Slip Dresses and Long Sleeves/Turtlenecks - Slip silk bias dresses are one of the most beautiful pieces of clothing on earth. They move with the body they encompass at ever twist and turn.  If you haven’t purchased one yet now is a great time to do so since many of them are on sale. A slip dress can be worn Summer through Fall, as a dress or a slip under another. Add a turtleneck or a thin long sleeve contrasting shirt and you won’t freeze at your next cool weather soiree.