South vs. West

South vs. West 
One of my favorite parts about traveling is seeing how other people are dressed, seeing which trends they have taken a liking to and seeing how that compares to the trends people like here in Denver. This has become more fun because Colorado has become so fashionable. When I went to Nashville, Tennessee for the 4th of July I thought it would be the perfect time to observe how the Southerners dress. My cousin, Delaney, helped me with this. She’s 22 and goes to college at Mississippi State University. There were a fair share of similarities and differences between the South and West and how we dress. Read on to find out what they were!
If there’s one thing I think we can all agree on it’s chokers. Delaney and I both have more than enough chokers. We both layer them with longer necklaces, let them be the statement piece, and wear them with almost every outfit (she even considered wearing one to Dollywood, the Dolly Parton owned amusement park).

Just some of the many chokers we have cc:Kelly Droz

We also both like our off-the-shoulder shirts. This trend is pretty big and a lot of stores sell out of their off-the-shoulder pieces pretty quickly. Delaney has embraced the trend more than I have and styles it has streetwear and a going out piece. I noticed the trend being more popular in Nashville than it is here in Denver. People still wear it here, but I don’t see it as much as I did there.

Delaney Loves The Off-The-Shoulder Look cc:Kelly Droz

On the other hand I have embraced the bodysuit trend full force. I have too many to count and buy them like it’s my job. I didn’t see any bodysuits in Nashville even though they are so easy to come by in Denver. While Delaney will likely rock an off-the-shoulder shirt to go out, I will almost always rock a bodysuit (if you haven’t tried one I seriously recommend it, they are amazing).

Bodysuits vs. Off-the-shoulder cc:Kim Droz

Gone are the days of flip flops, it seems we all love our Chacos and our Tevas more than any other sandal. I thought this would be a predominately Denver trend, but I was wrong. About half of everyone I saw was wearing Chacos or Tevas. And who can blame them, they are all really comfortable. Again, between me and Delaney we have a plethora of the comfy sandals.

Our Favorite Shoes cc:Kelly Droz

Each city has their own take on trends and has some that are more popular than others. Thanks to social media and fashion publications we can all enjoy each other’s trends and incorporate them into our own looks!