Socks are the greatest accessory EVER!!! They can truly make or break an outfit, and must be worn the most amount of "I DONT GIVE A DAMN" sort of attitude. My first encounter with a sock ordeal was some years ago as I was a guest at a house warming party. As everyone came in, it was an order to remove your shoes as new carpet had just been laid and the new home owners wanted to keep the new carpet clean. When I looked around at everyone's socks, I noticed it was the same brown, black, navy or even tube sock pattern that swarmed the house. For myself, I had on the usual black "church socks", SO BORING!! Long story short, the next (house) party I went to, I was prepared with a nifty pair of orange argyle socks.

For this article, I was able to get a little assistance from the world renown sock provider, Happy Socks, just to give a view visuals on how to add such decoration to one's wardrobe. Keep in mind, your socks are supposed to be fun and don't have to match with what you have on. As you can see in the first example, Julie Pladsbjerg (@Juliewp) is having pure fun with the coordination of her outfit and her socks. Pay attention to pattern play from the shirt to the detailing in the pant and the flow to the pineapple socks, BRILLIANT! A simple way to spruce up your day

In the everyday work place, I've noticed that many have stepped up their sock game. Especially once the warmer months hit, everyone seems to let the vibrant colors show. No matter the day of the week, don't be afraid to touch up your look with some fresh hosiery. My suggestion is to start off the week with a simple but cool pair.  As the week progresses, get crazier and more liberal with your sock game. By the time Friday comes, your toes will be ready for happy hour!

Its no longer acceptable to let your feet suffer.

Even if your are the more calm, quiet, or introvert type, at least let your socks shine. You only get one "first impression" and usually, people pay attention to the socks and shoes (of a man) before anything else. Aron Beijl (@aronbagel) wearing all black, and keeping it simple up top, and pulling off the rose pattern socks, adds some additional flavor to his game. Its all in the details, wear your clothing and accessories with confidence. You never know when the right person is paying attention to you. Its alright to give them something positive to remember you by.... SOCK IT TO EM'!!!!

P.S. Don't get dressed for where you've been, get dressed for where you're going!