Sips & Style: Stout Street Social

|| All Photos by Autumn Cutaia Photography ||

To kick off this Sips & Style series, I wanted to take you guys to a joint in the heart of downtown. It's where the Denver Style Magazine had its first blogger meet-up, and I've been obsessed ever since.

Stout Street Social (Stout St. for short) is a relatively new spot, opening up in some prime real estate near the Denver Center for the Performing Arts and a literal stone's throw from the Colorado Convention Center. As is the case with many up-and-coming restaurants in Denver, the facade of an old garage/warehouse space was converted into a stylish destination with tall ceilings and an expansive modern feel.


Sticking with the theme, many unconventional pieces have been given new life: baskets and rulers double as lampshades, glittery glass bottles as entryways, and the floor of an old high school basketball court now invites you for libation as a wall with the word "Cheers" painted on.

On any given day at Stout St., you can find all sorts of people headed all sorts of places. Kiddos and adults alike are delighted by the bright colors and prints. City folk in their suits enjoy happy hour (afternoon and late-night), dads can watch their game, and gal pals get ready for their night out.

Stout 3

It's a place that instantly feels comfortable, but there are definitely a few things that will surprise you. With all of their lovely cocktails and wines on offer, you might not know that Stout St. is as dedicated to beer as any bar or restaurant in Denver. Bartenders here are in training to get their cicerone certification (a cicerone is to beer what a sommelier is to wine), and they are more than knowledgeable about beer flavors and pairings for the perfect complement to any dish.

Stout 4

Can't decide between a cocktail and beer? Me neither. I'm a glutton; sue me. Stout St. has me covered with its selection of "beer-tails" that marry the two categories in a fun, unique way. Anyone who's ever added OJ to their Blue Moon will enjoy these!

Pictured: Lambic sangria, Ginger-Pear Martini, Saketini

There are a variety of nibbles on offer for you to gorge on yourself (the Hangover Burger is a must) or to share round the table (opt for the Brussell Sprouts, thank me later). The biggest draw for any newly minted Denverite hailing from far-flung shores is undoubtedly the seafood.

Stout 9 Stout 10 Stout 11

You can't beat amazing oysters for $1 a pop, every Wednesday night! I don't often go for seafood, but the subtle, slightly sweet flavors in the Tropical Tuna Roll had me reevaluating my life choices.

_ACP1349 _ACP1394

I sat down with bar manager Katie Schroepfer and got the scoop on what makes Stout St. the draw that it is here in Denver.


LW: What kind of culture are you trying to create? If you had to describe Stout St. to someone who had never been here before.

KS: I’d say very modern, eclectic. We offer a wide food menu, whether you want coffee or a cocktail.

LW: The beer culture is huge here in Denver so that’s amazing. How long does the cicerone program take, and how does it affect what you’re able to do here?

KS: A cicerone is basically someone who is very knowledgeable about beer, similar to a wine sommelier. We’re working on a beer program where we train all our front of house staff to be beer service certified. So they’ll have all the knowledge to know what a draft line needs, what the differences between beer styles are, so they can talk to guests and be informative. It’s a 6-week program, each week we do a new lesson and a short quiz. At the end, there's a big test, and they have to get an 80% or above to be certified.

LW: So they have to be excellent!

KS: Yes, very great! They’ll be able to describe ingredients, flavor profiles, food pairings.

LW: I’m definitely on the beer cocktail train. Would you be able to tell me about the cocktails we have here?

KS: First we have the Saketini. It’s got cucumber, vodka, champagne floats, muddled strawberries, so it’s very fruit forward. If you’re trying to like sake, it’s a great way to try it out.

LW: It's rather sweet, which I don’t associate with sake.

KS: Next is the Ginger Pear Martini. It’s my favorite; I love the balance of ginger and pear. It’s got vodka in it, great for sitting on a patio.

LW: Those two both seem very light, but the martini is a little tart from the ginger.

KS: Then there's the Lambic Sangria: tequila and peach lambic ale. We have bottomless lambic sangrias for brunch Saturday and Sunday. And the patio just opened up, so it's the perfect time to get some fresh air and good drink.

(I would feel remiss if I didn't tell you they also have Tennessee cheddar biscuits and gravy made from the chef's grandmother's recipe.)


So by now, you've decided to head to Stout St (obviously). Here are some looks that the fabulous Leslie Nowlin & Kelli Manthey of Fab'rik Denver pulled that are perfect for when you go! The lovely ladies at the Aspen Grove location run a one-stop shop for all your clothing needs, and every item is under $100. You can browse the latest styles for the season, or sit back and relax while these babes recommend pieces that are just your speed.

Stout 12 Stout 13 Stout 14

For this first look, we went for comfort that doesn't compromise cool. This flowy knee-length frock is a dream to wear, and the colors are easy to pair with all of your spring and summer neutrals. Never one to shy away from an accessory, I layered on this chunky arrowhead necklace and brass cuff. Eat til you can't eat no more in this one!

Stout 15 Stout 16 Stout 17

The bold color and simple cut of this dress takes you from day drinks to night life easily. Little details like side pleats make it super flattering, and the color play continues with the coral and turquoise in the necklace. You'll be ready to dance the night away in this flirty look!

Stout 18 Stout 19 Stout 20

Casual girls, I've got you too! This breezy top has you totally covered, especially in the back with the high-low hemline. Fun, ripped shorts and ankle booties are perfect for a day about town, before you end up on the patio to update your Instagram.

No matter what you wear, be sure to bring a friend or four; it is Stout Street SOCIAL, after all!

Stout 21