Sips & Style

Hello! My name is Lucille of the blog The Black Velveteen, and I’m obsessed with style

I’m not talking about fashion. Fashion is dreamed up in big city studios by people who have no idea what you’re going to do in the clothes they make for you. I’m talking about style. The way you express yourself, the way you do what you do, the way you make a statement without saying a word. Fashion is the idea, but style is the way you live your life.

In my life, I’ve realized I want to be a “doer”. It’s something I get from my parents, and it’s a quality I share that with a lot of people in my hometown. Denverites are doers; splitting time between work and happy hour, with as much time in front of a screen as hitting the slopes. And like many people here, I like to mix work and play whenever possible. Often mistaken for a certain little rabbit, my blog The Black Velveteen is actually named after a mixed drink that a dear friend introduced me to. Half stout, half champagne: it’s the very best mix of dark, hearty beer and sweet light bubbles. It’s all about balance.

It’s in that “work hard, play hard” spirit that I’ve concocted this new series called Sips & Style. I’ll be chatting with the people working behind the scenes at some of the coolest bars and restaurants in Denver. I’m getting the scoop on what’s new, what’s bold, and talking about how these places fit into the broader culture of the city we work and play in.

Wait, there’s more! Keeping it all in the family, I’m showcasing outfits from Denver boutiques to give you readers some pointers on what to show up in when you decide to take a break from the grind and head to these spots yourself. From pre-dinner drinks to Saturday night to Sunday Funday, I’ve got you covered with the help of the coolest thread shops in town. Check back in every Wednesday to hear about your new favorite Denver joint!

First up, one of the new kids on the block, making a mark right in the heart of Downtown Denver: Stout Street Social!