SHINE: Illuminating Old South Pearl

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AUTHORED BY: Kimberly Irwin

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One of the latest sanctuaries illuminating Denver’s fashion scene is nestled on the corner of Old South Pearl and Louisiana. There lies a trendy little romantically lit boutique that is changing the way we sell merchandise to the women of Denver. When you take a peek in the front window you will not only see the latest fashion trends adorning the street facing displays, but you will also glimpse a gaggle of smiling women having a good time shopping, relaxing, and enjoying each other’s company. If you stare in long enough they will probably ask you to stop loitering or get your buns inside to join them.

img_1787 img_1786 SHINE is more than just your typical “let’s shop local” retail destination. It boasts slogans like "Ignite Shine" and "Ignite. Your. Inner. Shine." The real idea that is driving this space becomes evident throughout. The owner Noelle's concept is to empower women by providing a place to come and feel accepted and beautiful, letting everyone's beauty shine from the inside out. The space is not just a boutique; it is the home to a salon, aesthetics room and even has a garden retreat out back which further instills the idea of finding a place to beautify. The boutique itself is filled with a plethora of clothing items ranging in sizes and body shapes, every piece without a tag. It doesn’t matter if you are pear shaped, apple bottomed, or just plain potato. The idea is to promote a comfortable retail space where women can shop based on their body shape and how the clothing feels, without relying on the tag for size. This is an interesting concept right off the bat, but as you browse, you find yourself putting on clothes that you maybe wouldn't have tried on before. Not only does this change the way you shop, it changes the way you feel inside the space; something Noelle had hoped to foster all along.


My favorite nooks inside the boutique are the accent tables that hold all of the jewelry. Rustic dishes and jewelry holders are adorned with quarter sized fashion rings, dainty stackables, and an eclectic mix of bracelet bangles that will accompany any outfit. There are statement necklaces that will dress up your wardrobe as well as simple treasures to be worn with something more casual. If you are a 90’s child and you want to “spice up your life” they have a great variety of chokers. Scarves, wraps, and fur covered jackets are scatter about and vests that compliment any of the multicolored flannels they have in stock. There are sweaters too for the more boho-chic as well as fancy little jumpers you can pair with heels for a night on the town. They have tops covered in sequins and high-waisted skirts along with high low blouses and tunics. For a unique look and an amazing atmosphere, this is a place you must venture. When you are shopped out and it is time to divvy up your dollars, you will find yourself giggling at all the Mountain vs Plains cards that hang from the checkout desk, yet another way SHINE weaves in a bit of local charm.

img_1795 img_1794 If you have not yet had the opportunity to enjoy this space, SHINE welcomes all women in the community to join in shopping, drinking and chatting with different females of business every other Wednesday night. The evening event features various activities each week from makeup application classes and yoga, to wine tastings and blow dry’s. SHINE opens its doors to anyone looking to network, make new friends, and feel good in their own skin no matter their life situation, size, or story. Regardless of how you feel going in, you will leave with a completely new perspective and you will feel pretty AF.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column_inner][/vc_row_inner][/vc_column][/vc_row]