Tips for Your Best Night's Rest

Probably the most important part about getting a good night's sleep is being comfortable (well and cute). I am happy to report that Sol Lingerie on 6th Aveis the exclusive U.S. retailer for my new favorite jammies, Pip Studio!

Anke van der Endt is from the Netherlands. Her childhood nickname was Pip, thus the name of her design studio. Pip isn't guided by fashion or trends or even commerce. She only does what she likes and finds beautiful, and nothing else. You can read more about Pip here.

You are probably wondering why I am obsessed with these pajamas. Well first off they are so soft. Next they are made with all these fun prints that are designed to be mixed and matched. The material is very breathable, so it keeps you cool in the Summer and warm in the Winter. In fact, I would even recommend wearing these PJs under your ski suit and then you are ready to peel off your outer wear and just sit by the fire after a long day of skiing. Also, there are so many fun combinations like sleep shirts with fitted bottoms, or shorts with tanks, and even wide legged pants with a very cute front zipper jacket...perfect for coming down late to breakfast on a Sunday morning. I also love the robes, the fit was loose, but with a wide tie belt to hold it firmly in place, and again the patterns are so adorable! The ladies at Sol are not only PJ lovers, they are also the most knowledgeable fit experts in the industry when it comes to under garments. Schedule a fitting appointment with them at their beautiful new store on Sixth Ave.

Healthy Sleep Habits:

 Stick to a schedule, i.e. waking up the same time every morning and trying to go to bed at the same time every night. Which is pretty easy during the school week, but it also makes sense on the weekends too. Because if you end up getting too little sleep on the weekends, then you just have to play catch up during the week.

Get a relaxing bedtime routine. Stay away from screens for at least 30 minutes before you go to bed. Avoid caffeine and large meals before bed. Maybe try a calming activity such as reading.

Avoid bright lights. I keep a small night light by my bed and keep the overhead light off.

Exercise daily, it makes you tired!

Is your room too hot? too cold? too noisy? Maybe you need to turn down the temperature, grab an extra blanket, use ear plugs, or even wear a sleeping mask!

Is your bed comfortable? Is your dog taking up too much space? How is your mattress? too hard? too soft? What about your pillows? do they need replaced?

I like to sleep with my humidifier, especially during the Winter. It makes a calming hum noise and it keeps my skin from getting too dry.

I also want to thank the Brass Bed in Cherry Creek. They have beautiful bed ensembles made of really luxurious materials. The sales staff is really helpful and if you are looking to give your bedding an update, they have a sale in March, 15% off everything in the store! And of course my blog would not be possible without one of the best photographers in Denver, Noah Berg! And I am sure many of you are dreaming about this cute sweatshirt and sweatpants combo that I am wearing, well it's from Patterns and Pops, who will be opening their new brick and mortar store on April 8th!

Here are a few other items that I thought you might find useful for a good night's sleep.

Dreampad Pillow Starting at $159

Dreampad Pillow Starting at $159

Whole Foods Peaceful Sleep Oil $10.99

Whole Foods Peaceful Sleep Oil $10.99

Now all of this writing as made me tired, so I will see you all tomorrow morning.

XoXo - Penn