She is driven by the unjust forces against her. With her intellect, she thrives to surpass the expectations some may have of her.

As well as the expectations for herself.

She understands how others portray her, how they define her. These are the forces that incite her to succeed and be true to herself, regardless of the odds.

She is power, she is elegance, she is authentic.


Meet Emma Meeks (@emmanmeeks), a natural beauty with a real sense of cool . Emma’s first look conveys a feeling of ease and simplicity with a t-shirt bodysuit from the 1970’s paired with a classic flared jean. The t-shirt and jeans combo is a staple for anyone regardless of your personal style. You can personalize this look with accessories such as a favorite baseball hat, a bright, silk scarf or keep the look minimal & clean.

In the second look, she wears a halter jumpsuit from the 1940’s that illustrates as a great example of the current cultural moment of appreciating sexual ambiguity. Paired with sneakers & a lightweight jacket or with heels & classic jewelry, jumpsuits can be worn for a variety of occasions whilst showing female empowerment.

With the array of options found in women’s fashion, we can make a powerful statement with how we style these options. Feel empowered to think outside of the box when putting an outfit together! Go against the norm and always remember what it is that makes you feel good and true to who you are.