Sealed With A Kiss

DIY Done Right

|| by The Resource Girls,||

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We’ve always believed in self mantras. Whether it’s yelling in our head, “I Can. I Will.” while working out or charging full steam ahead in our heels repeating, “You Got This Girl!” on our way to a big meeting or interview, we believe in speaking positivity to ourselves. It’s no secret then that we love all the graphic tees out now with similar sayings on them. We’ve been known to wear such tanks in our workout wear, tees under our blazers at work and sweatshirts with a little positivity on it when we’re out to brunch. Per usual we get inspired when we’re out and about seeing other pieces that we want, but don’t want to buy.  We wanted a sweater for these colder months with a little added flair to it so decided to DIY our own and share with you all how to get it done right!

We love anything with a festive vibe, so Valentine’s Day seemed the perfect excuse to get extra inspired for our sweaters! You won’t have to look far for inspiration, it’s all around us. Can’t think of a unique design? We have two to get you started!

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Materials ||

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  • Cat thrifted hers and LC got hers at Forever 21 on clearance for five dollars

Sequins or trimming of your choice

  • We decided to air on the side of flashy so went for sequins

Fabric glue

  • Found at any craft store, make sure it says on the bottle that it dries clear

Stencil (Optional)

Tutorial ||


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  1. Pick your design. LC had the idea of red lips because let’s be honest how is this not a great idea?! Cat wanted hers to say “love” she had seen a similar sweater on a co-worker and wanted to copy the design.
  2. Try your sweater on to see how it fits and decide where you want your design to be. Use tape to mark reference points. For example Cat put a piece of tape in the middle and then also at the beginning where she wanted her L to start and E to end.
  3. Use a stencil, this is optional. For LC’s lips we used a stencil, Cat’s words we did free hand. You can Google image a shape or even create a Word document and cut out letters. You can use a fabric marker to outline your stencil or just put glue on inside of stencil, stamp it on shirt, then trace trim over marker line.
  4. Lay your trim, sequins in our case, along your glue lines and let it dry. That’s it! Make sure you use plenty of glue but not too much either. The instructions on the glue said to make you wait seven days before washing.

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We hope you love your new sweater as much as we love ours! Our one of a kind piece makes us smile. Not only was it fun and easy to make it but it reminds us of each other and what’s better than that?  

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