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This girl is a genuine child of the 70s, spreading and showing off her creative glow through her love of vintage fashion. Beginning in her college years, Amy Prosseda redesigned her wardrobe into head to toe vintage. Piling up about 50 dresses into her collection, her style truly lit up the nightlife. Quirky, kooky, unique; whatever style makes you happy, Amy encourages you to rock it even if it doesn’t make sense. “I hope to bring a sense of playfulness and freedom through my shop. I love the idea of finding your own form of expression and running with it.” Along with the happiness this clothing brings her, she also appreciates the recycling process it brings to the fashion industry. Being an enthusiast of a sustainable lifestyle, she believes that vintage is a natural outcropping of pollution brought on by the clothing industry. As far as the specific style she brings to the table, she aims to reflect her personal aesthetic by prominently featuring the 70s. The hippie within her can’t resist those pearl snap shirts and fringe leather jackets. On a personal level, after 14 years in Colorado she has taken it on to learn how to make nearly everything she uses on her body. Soap, shampoo, laundry detergent, you name it – she sees great value in stepping out of the boundaries placed on us by society. Like the sound of this? Stop into Oopsy Girl Vintage to see what treasures await!

Etsy: Oopsy Girl Vintage 

Instagram: @oopsygirl


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After persistently hijacking her father’s old blazer, the only deemed solution was to check out the local Salvation Army. After dragging his tenth grade daughter to try her hand at thrifting for her own “boyfriend blazer,” a new fascination was born. Dragging her out of the store would be the next issue! Like a kid in a candy store, Sarah Nelson was mesmerized by the racks and racks of quirky vintage pieces. Later down the road, Sarah found herself frustrated with the job hunt, and decided to take a chance and dive headfirst into Sadie Bess Vintage. What a great decision! Now, the vintage shop that was once a personal hobby residing in her own closet, is sending pieces both nationally and internationally. “It's like I'm sending little pieces of Denver out to the broader fashion community in the US and all over the world.” Whether its headed to a big city or a small town, these fantastic Denver originals bring a completely unique style to their new home. Sarah loves color and pattern, vibrant prints and the comfort of lived in jeans. When she’s not out and about hunting for vintage treasures, she is most likely spending time with her 6 year old daughter, practicing Chen style Tai Chi or enjoying the Colorado outdoors. Find your piece of Denver fashion history at Sadie Bess Vintage!

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Etsy: Sadie Bess Vintage

Instagram: @sadiebessvintage


Twitter: @sadiebess_vintg



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Through Bethany Buchanan’s eyes, the beauty of vintage lies within its imperfections, story, and evidence of love and wear. The story of a vintage piece should not stop in its own decade, but should continue on to touch the lives of those beyond it’s time. “What I love most about vintage items is their story. These things have been loved, worn, fussed-over, and dreamt about. These are things that were likely unwrapped from layers of tissue paper – much anticipated gifts and splurges.” Why stop the fun when these clothes could continue to spread joy? From playing dress up in her family heirlooms, to her high school vintage clothing collection, to Bodega Vintage, Bethany has found a way to continue the lives of many soon-to-be loved pieces of clothing. The idea for her store initially arose when she began finding amazing items that weren’t her size. Unable to part with these finds, she decided to make a business out of her passion. “These were things that gave me attitude, that made me feel different, and that I felt very ‘at home’ in.” As many people go wild for certain decades of wine (in Spain and South America, aging their products in a Bodega), her niche is vintage…thus, Vintage Bodega! Inspired by strong, beautiful women who are not afraid to take risks, Bethany loves providing them with transformative outfits. As a strong, independent woman herself, she appreciates when one is able to “unapologetically” own a style. If you love it, she encourages you to go with it! In addition to her passion for style, this Colorado native also enjoys traveling, running half marathons with burros in the summer and just about any mountain activity. Bodega Vintage’s inventory is a reflection of her creative soul, continue the life of a product by seeing what she has today!

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Etsy: Bodega Vintage Goods






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Tara Kitchinski points out an excellent fact: vintage clothing survives decades, and many new products purchased today can’t even withstand one run through the washer. Her fascination with the past came instantaneously after stumbling across her parent’s childhood belongings in her attic. Little did she know, this would be the foundation of her future mindset. Just before starting high school, she slipped on her first pair of vintage bellbottom pants from a garage sale, and her life was officially transformed. No longer did she care what others wore or thought. She felt comfortable and happy in the style she created for herself. “Fashion should be about whatever makes you feel good!” Inspired by the creative nature of Denver, and in need of a way to fund her vintage addiction, she created Stop the Clock. Learning along the way, she has established a wonderful business, giving the gift of happiness to many. “It makes me happy to help rescue and preserve these little pieces of history, sending them off to their new homes (around the globe) in hopes that they will make brand new memories.” There isn’t an exact explanation for the pieces she chooses – why you ask? Tara chooses pieces that speak to her. She sees what she likes, and she goes for it. Stop the clock offers men, women, children and even a great selection of maternity clothing. When she’s not working, she loves spending time with her friends and family and having plenty of time to daydream!

Etsy: Stop the Clock

Twitter: STC_Vintage

Pinterest: stoptheclock



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Denver, Colorado is just another piece of Dawn’s journey through life. Living the gypsy dream, she has already lived in 8 states (including Hawaii for 8 years!) and Canada. Knowing that she is prone to a life of wanderlust, she doesn’t doubt the list will grow down the road! As a child, being raised with the influence of two different sets of grandparents couldn’t help but spark her interest in vintage. On one side she lived under a roof filled with a mid century influence, and on the other, 70s retro vibes. She began upcycling and sewing vintage pieces about twenty years ago, leading her to her first Etsy shop. As the years went on, she found it difficult to deconstruct pieces, feeling that they were perfect as is. Realizing what she needed to do, she developed Love that Lingers, and began selling vintage originals. Dawn always stays open minded on buying trips, making sure to see even the hidden beauty in everything item. What wonders a trip to the dry cleaners and a great accessory can do! “It is my goal to be able to offer affordable, high quality, sustainable clothing that will be enjoyed for years to come!” On her spare time, Dawn enjoys travelling, organic gardening, collecting crystals and camping with her partner and their 2 pups! Give your wardrobe an update and browse her amazing inventory!

Photographer : Lynzi Judish 

Models: Taylor Tran with Donna Baldwin Agency (left, middle) Colette English (right)

Etsy: Love that Lingers

Instagram: @lovethatlingers