Purging Your Belongings with Zamantha Joeh

Three unforeseen benefits to purging your belongings

| | by Zamantha Joeh | |


When patio season has come to a close and your apartment has turned into a graveyard for summer pool party promotional items and bridesmaids dresses it is time to sift through the mess and purge.  With the holiday season coming up, there is just not room for that pink inflatable couch that you swiped from Exdo.  I know that you are thinking that this is the best pink inflatable couch you have ever stolen and what if you are going to need it at some point.  Let me help you out with that, you won’t. Minimalism is more than just a trend.  There are unforeseen benefits to tossing that boombox and trench coat you used to reenact your favorite John Cusack movie.

Cost Effective

You do get tax breaks from donating items to your local thrift store and while the donations are typically deducted based on the honor system you still feel good getting the generic and pre-signed donations receipt.  But the real cost benefit comes from the everyday chores.  You do not want to continue throwing your money into the neighborhood laundromat or your landlord's pocket.  Continuing to wash items that you will never wear again only wears on the monthly budget.  Get rid of those too tight, too baggy, too sheer, too free and bro-ey clothing items and give the quarter machine a break.


With less to look at to stimulate our senses it is easier to calm our mood and distress from the mountain of things we ultimately become a part of every day.  Toss the extra “live, love, laugh” blocks that your mom got you on her latest run to Target.  Be better than live, love, laugh.  Not to mention clutter adds up and becomes a breeding ground for dust mites and other critters.  Keeping your space clean and clear reduces inhaling any unwanted dander.  

Living Space

Denver’s popularity has brought an influx of transplants, putting a tight grasp on our apartment options all while upping our budgets and shrinking our square footage.  It is much easier to find that perfect studio when you are are not mentally planning out your tetris game plan for the one closet.  According to International Business Times, 21.6 million people lived with their parents in 2012.  Now, as the economy recovers, 18- to 34-year-olds who were forced back into their parents’ houses by the Great Recession are finding jobs and seeking places of their own. That is more than a third of millennials.  We are expected to have a huge impact in 2015 and you do not want to be stuck suburbs because you couldn’t let go of your teddy bear collection.