Puffy Penn

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AUTHORED BY: Penn Beldock, Teen Fashion Takeover

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Noah Berg, Noah Berg Photography

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So let's start off with the big question: Why do you need a down jacket?

A. You're an ice climber

B. You work outside

or C. You're a fashionista and run into Starbucks then directly to school.

For myself the first two options are highly unlikely but let's just say that I was an ice climber or work outside. My two choices are either a synthetic filler or down jacket. Now, for this kind of work I would definitely choose down because it's much warmer. There is a whole system to measuring "down", so make a point of reading the tag on the jacket. It's usually indicated by the word "Fill" and a number between 300-900. Typically 550+ fill is a warm comfy jacket so that's your best bet for these cold Colorado winters. Another thing to keep in mind when buying your down jacket is your sensitivity towards animals. I will say I'm not the biggest fan of geese but down is harvested directly from those feathered creatures.

Okay let's be more reasonable now. If you're like me, you want a warm coat that is still very fashion forward. In this case, I'd suggest going with a synthetic fill jacket. They're last longer and not to mention, they're cheaper and if they rip and get wet, it doesn't quickly lose it's insulation or "puff". Other things to consider would be: Hood or no hood? Does the coat compress and pack easily? How many pockets? What color? And the most important question to ask is does it fit on the outside of my clothes and not make me look like an Oompa Loompa?

The reality is that all jackets, like any item of clothing, have their pros and cons but, there is always a perfect jacket out there for you! Here's a link to a very helpful insulated clothing guide that'll help you find that perfect jacket.

Stay warm everyone and Happy New Year!

H&M - White Knit Headband $9.99

H&M - Olive Fur Vest $49.99


Starlet - Infinity Scarf $20

Starlet - Brown Zipper Sleeve Coat $48

Walgreens! - Colorado Scarf & Hat

Uniqlo - Long Black Ultra Light Down $99

XoXo - Penn