Pom Poms on Vibrate

Pom Poms are all the rage this summer.  They are such a cute addition to any outfit!  They are colorful and add movement to an otherwise boring shirt or accessory.  And if your outfit doesn't come with Pom Poms, just run over to a craft store, buy a yard and sew them on!  But please note that they do not make noise like high heels that click or bangle bracelets that clank.  They are the quiet decoration.   Sometimes silence is nice, which leads me to the real reason for this blog post.

How many times has your mom told you to “PUT DOWN YOUR PHONE”.

Probably more than you like to admit.  Our generation is definitely going to start to see more and more self-help groups devoted to curing us of our digital dependency.  I would call it CA, Cell Phone Anonymous.  Believe me, I am probably the biggest offender.  It’s a very difficult habit to break.  The first day away from the phone, I find myself very anxious and lost, by day 2, I have the shakes, but typically by day three I’m almost feeling a big sense of relief.  However, let’s face it we need our phones in order to stay in contact with friends and parents, look up stuff for school and play hours of mancala….well we don’t exactly need to do that, but….It’s a thing.   So when I ran across this darling pom  pom cell phone charger it made me think,

What baby steps can all of us take to start to break our bad cell phone habit?

Top 10 Cell Phone Free Zones

  1. Movie Theater. There is a reason the announcer says, please silence your cell phone, especially after the lights have gone down.
  2. Hospital. Newsflash, people in the hospital are sick and they last thing they need to listen to is you arguing with your ex-boyfriend on your phone.
  3. Museum.  How about just appreciating the art instead of instagramming it, believe me, there are a millions of Instagram photos of the Mona Lisa. Instead try smiling back at her and showing a little appreciation.
  4. Grocery Store Checkout Line. The cashier at Whole Foods doesn’t need to hear half a conversation about whether or not you’d look better with blond highlights. (PS: You would!) Just pay for the eggs and go home.
  5. Restaurant.  I know you are in high school, but in the “olden” days, before cell phones, you had to talk to your date. Try pretending it’s the 1950s and ask him what he plans to study in college and can you please have a bite of his dessert.
  6. Gym.  Listening to music is fine, but you might want to concentrate on your glutes instead of where to go for ice cream once you are done working out.
  7. Planes. When the flight attendant says, "Turn off your phone," you do it, and give the guy next to you a dirty look who continues to talk.
  8. Fitting Room. Seriously, I am pretty sure you can be a big girl and buy an outfit without have to text a photo to 10 of your friends and take a survey.
  9. Shower/Bathroom. Enough said.
  10. House of Worship.  He/she is watching you and expects your full attention.

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