Editor Wear's - Plum Consignment


It's transition time!!! We still have a week and a half left of February and a few more warm days in our forecast which means it's the perfect opportunity to enjoy the transitional weather and and transitional fashion.

Let's first chat about transitional fashion. What the ?!?!

It's basically the items you choose in between the seasons changing. And now is the perfect time to start introducing a little more color into your wardrobe, lighter fabrics, and pieces that can easily be layered for chilly mornings and evenings.

A great way to transition your wardrobe with a few pieces...or an entirely new outfit is to shop consignment. In our last issue, our stylish Contributor Lucille of the Black Velveteen gave great tips on how to shop consignment. I took her advice and picked up a few pieces of my own on a recent trip to Plum Consignment in Stapleton.






Plum Consignment carries a mixture of both consigned and new items that are handpicked by stylish shop owner, Crystal. I pulled both consigned and new items for this outfit including a hand-made necklace from Tricks and Ginger.


These flowy pants are incredibly comfortable and flow in the wind. I opted for the highest heels in my closet, but these would look beautiful with a pointy-toe flats (note to self, buy pointy-toe flats).


Plum Consignment is located in Stapleton just 15 minutes east of Downtown Denver. Plum Consignment also provides 'Plum Perks', a customer rewards program that gives you free money to shop with!

Want to know more about Plum Consignment? Find it here!

Photography by Kelsey Bigelow of Studio9720 and Kelsey Bigelow Photography