Photographer Point of View: Inspiration of Denver

Hello DSM Community, Brandon here! The last three months have been a whirlwind of meeting wonderful people and attending the most incredible events. I absolutely hate being the motivation poster that comes out of a fourth grade classroom, so don’t worry. I won’t tell you to climb mountains while reading or display a photo of a glacier to instill a sense of achievement, but I will tell you why Denver is the most inspirational places I have been so far.

My job as a photographer means many things. It means everything from sitting at home in the dark editing hundreds of photos while I should be sleeping to being thrown out into a crowd of tightly knit strangers in the middle of a Tuesday afternoon. What my job also means is that I get to tag along to a lot of events happening around Denver. While I know it isn’t true, I feel like I have seen it all! I get to go to anniversary parties, grand openings, product launches, and so much more. This also means that I get to meet the beautiful people behind the brand.

What makes the creators, designers and business owners around Denver so incredible is that they are excited about their work in a way that is genuine. It’s not the excitement from the prospect of strict business and finance, but a true interest in what they have to offer. This applies to bloggers, designers, PR, boutique owners, barbers, stylists, makeup artists, event managers - the list goes on forever. All of these people are genuinely excited to open new thresholds leading to a creative and beautiful Denver.

What is even better is how receptive the community is to these prospects! Everyone seems to be rooting for each other. I feel as though I could almost just falsify a conversation and say I ran a blog about antique miniatures and people would be down with the idea.

It’s shown me how open the creative industry here is and how there really is a place for everyone. We’ll be rooting for you just like you are rooting for us and that kind of energy is just the starting point for creative booms and I think Denvers is going to be big.

Have a good weekend and I’m sure I will see you around soon!


Brandon Dougherty

Staff Photographer