Passion for Fab'rik

For a girl who lives in the suburbs, it's hard to come by some amazing boutiques. Especially, a boutique that offers items that are all under $100. In the heart of Aspen Grove in Littleton, there's a beautiful gem called Fab'rik, that gives us both of these great things. This line of boutiques first began in Atlanta and grew along the east coast. They currently have 33 locations and the Littleton location is the furthest west they've gone. I know. We are pretty special.

Leslie Clay and her husband opened this location just 2 months ago and thank the fashion heavens for that! When I walked into the boutique, I was simply amazed by all the rustic and wooden textures around the store. Not to mention, they have the cutest store puppy named, Macy. If that isn't an excuse to drop everything and head over to Fab'rik, I don't know what is. I stepped into the store and was instantly greeted by a stylist. Let me tell you, these ladies are extremely helpful. They took my shopping experience to a new level and truly cared about my needs. Whether you're just browsing or planning for a big event, they can help you find what you didn't know you were looking for. I noticed that Fab'rik carries items for all types of women. I'm a city girl and found a bunch of cute dresses and shorts for summer. If you are the boho chic girl, or even a t-shirt and jeans type, there are a ton of amazing options for you, as well.

I ended up leaving with the perfect woven summer hat; a dreamy, spaghetti strap, high scoop neck top and a page of metal tattoos. Fab'rik successfully prepared me for my trip to Florida. Though, my shopping trip didn't end there. When I checked my e-mail later on that day, I received a really sweet e-mail from my stylist, Hanna, who kindly wished me bon voyage. Everyone pitched in on my experience, including Parish, whom is another Fab'rik stylist and I loved every minute that I was in there. I highly recommend that every woman check out these new ladies on the block.  You'll find that you, too, share a passion for Fab'rik.



Brandy Suazo

Event Intern

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