How to Style a Romper or Jumpsuit

It’s officially romper season.

Romper season is a thing, right? Every year as the last snow melts away, I dream of the days I can pull out my favorite one-piece outfits, even being willing to get basically naked every time I use the bathroom in order to enjoy the adorable comfort that rompers have to offer. For some reason, attaching your shorts to your shirt creates some of the greatest joy known to womankind.

Now, I am only about three years into the romper game, because they are another style that I had been convinced were primarily for the size subzero among us. I was pretty wrong. Really wrong, in fact. Rompers are adorable on any body shape, and in basically any color, pattern, cut, or fabric. I have picked up a few favorite styling ideas along the way, however.

I usually size up, because I don’t like tight shorts, but that is a personal preference.

I also stick to a cinched waist, and I love a crossover V-neck. If you are trying rompers for the first time, a cinched-waist v-neck is definitely the best way to ease into the trend.

Over-the-knee boots are my new favorite romper accessory. They dress up and edge out a romper at the same time.

Even with my love of rompers, I have avoided the full pant jumpsuit until this year. This black number is, in fact, my first full jumpsuit ever, unless you count my collection of onesie pajamas- which I don’t, obviously. My trepidation with a new silhouette is pretty clear, considering my first look with it is cloaked in black. Full jumpsuits can be a little trickier to pull off than shorts, so there are few tricks I like to use.

Look for ankle cuts on skinny leg jumpsuits, because a little ankle peeking above the shoe is immensely flattering. V-necks keep you from looking too swathed in one fabric, and a leather jacket adds texture to a soft knit like this one.

Here are some other ways I plan on styling my one-piece outfits this spring:

-With a kimono and block heels

-In super-feminine pastels

-A surplus wrap style

-In edgy black lace with nude accessories

Lucky for us, Denver has some great places to shop for rompers and jumpsuits. Two of my local favorites are Shea and Pink's Straight from LA They both have great selections of some of the most adorable rompers and jumpsuits!

How about you? How are you styling your one-piece looks this spring?