New Year, New View

DIY Done Right

|| by The Resource Girls, ||


We love the holidays and all the decorating that comes with it. The feeling of a lit tree with wrapped presents underneath, everything around screaming Christmas as you sit on the couch and turn in for the night is hard to beat. Throw in a cup of spiked hot chocolate and we’re pretty much glued to the couch. We always decorate early so we can enjoy that feeling for as long as possible.

After New Year’s hits though we quickly get the urge for a clean start.  Next to the warmth that the holidays bring, a clean, simplified life and home is one that comes in a pretty close second for these Resource Girls. We hate clutter and all things disorganized, so a new year always has us giddy to clean stuff out and redecorate with all the thrills of Christmas nicely packed away.  

In all that organizing LC started to realize she needed a little revamp in her office at work.  She had the most boring calendar on the wall next to her desk. It was free and we hate to admit it but in a moment of cheap desperation she snagged it and regretted it throughout the entire year. Confession, sometimes we can let being cheap get the best of us!  Some days it feels like we spend more time in our offices than at home, so why she put up with this ugly thing for a year we have no idea. It’s ok though, the struggle is real. This year, she was determined to find something new and different. This adorable watercolor 2016 calendar on Pinterest, for free we might add, was the perfect inspiration for a bomb DIY.


In need of a little cheery calendar for your desk or home?  Look no further.  This project is under eight dollars and will last all year!


Items Needed ||

Wood block (found at any craft store)

Craft paint

Push pins

Screw eyes


Stencil or wood cut out

Printed calendar

Tutorial ||

1. Take your wood block and paint it any color you like. We decided to add stripes to ours to give it a little extra flair.

2. Next, we found this 'Enjoy The View' wood saying at JoAnn's. They can be found in the scrapbook section and we painted it the same color as the stripes.  You could also use a stencil and paint to write a fun saying on the board.

3. Then put two screw pins in the board on the backside at the top left and right corners.  Now thread your ribbon through and tie a knot at the top. This is how you'll be able to hang it on the wall.

4. Print the free printable calendar we linked up top, or you can search for another one on Pinterest.  Now, align your calendar on the board and use two push pins to secure the top left and right corners. This will secure it enough, but give you easy access to rip a page off once the next month hits.



This New Year has these Resource Girl’s feeling inspired in more ways than one.  Stay tuned over the next several months as we share more from our series DIY Done Right, here on Denver Style Magazine.  We can’t wait to reveal what we have in the works for next month!