Nature's Summer Fabrics


It’s finally summer and we’re feeling the heat. Since swimsuits are not always acceptable attire, I’m sharing some fabric fibers that are naturally sweat reducing and great for protecting your skin from the sun.

Hemp and Merino wool are my personal favorites. These fibers are the main components of the fabrics used in Chromade Co. shirts, which will launch this August. The men’s shirts are sewn from a hemp and cotton blended jersey featuring a sturdy drape and textured feel. Our women’s shirts are made of superfine Merino wool jersey with an elegant drape and soft hand.


Hemp and wool are considered nature’s miracle fibers based on their favorable properties.

01. breathable

02. antimicrobial / odor resistant

03. UV resistant

04. biodegradable

05. renewable

06. machine washable

07. natural on skin

In their raw form, they’re not an attractive color. The yellow-brown shirts pictured are the greige fabrics which will be dyed to skin flattering hues in warm and cool colors. The collection will include long and short sleeve styles in grey, white, and green for late summer 2017.

While synthetic fibers are cheaper and more widespread in the fast fashion industry, the investment of natural fibers are worth the longevity and health of your skin and the earth.