My Earth Day Style: Garments of Garbage

We’ve all heard the important but broken record mantra of “reuse, reduce, recycle” to keep our earth green. You’ve mended that button and zipper on your favorite jeans five times, donated or thrifted clothing, and tried to finish that awkward shirt-turned-bag project. For our sanity, I’m offering a new message for 2017: wear garbage. Before you think I’m crazy, please continue reading.

Thanks to advancements in fabric technology, we can now turn garbage into wearable material - without the stink. Fabric suppliers and fashion brands are finding new ways to bring sustainability into their practices without sacrificing quality. In honor of Earth Day, I created an activewear look from three of these changemaker brands. Believe it or not, I’m wearing recycled coffee beans, plastic water bottles, and yoga mats.

01. Coffee Beans

As part of their StayWarm Series,Virus created a compression long sleeve made from a trademarked Coffee Charcoal fabric. This natural fiber is made from used coffee beans and has been found to heat the body up to ten degrees warmer when wearing.

02. Plastic Bottles

Not only are these graphically awesome leggings made in Denver, they are also eco-friendly! My Retro Colorado Yoga Pant from Colorado Threads is made from about 30 recycled PET water bottles. Instead of creating new raw material, this recycling process reduces energy consumption, cuts CO2 emissions, and saves plastic from our landfill.


03. Yoga Mats

Sanuk creates clever and functional sandals. I'm standing on the pads of a repurposed yoga mat. These Yoga Sling Ella sandals feel as zen as they sound.

This Earth Day, consider using your purchase power to support eco-friendly brands. The ones who are working for a greater cause and creating products that bring awareness to the wasteful state of the fashion industry. With some research, you'll find there are many other trendy brands with a passion for garbage style too.