Mountain Madness

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AUTHORED BY: Ashleigh Perri

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I thought for my first post that I would do a photo shoot in my hometown in Grand Junction, Colorado. I was thinking to myself that it would be beautiful to do a photo shoot by the National Monument. The next question was what would be the theme for this photo shoot. I wanted to do something for my first post that I was comfortable with doing that I know that I would be pretty good at. I decided that I wanted to style with a rocker theme, I figured that  would be prefect and also the background makes the photo alluring beautiful.

There is something about the background that just makes you feel alive and that everything is going to be okay. I had the pleasure with working with my sister during this photo shoot. We both had so much fun doing this shoot even though it was freezing outside.


Obviously, I wanted to make winter into summer with the wardrobe. The dress is a classic, minimalistic, velvet, chrome dress with some classic black boots. The color of the dress pops out with the color of the majestic mountains in the background and having the snow just makes the whole picture.



This outfit was my favorite to put together. The silver body suite with the cut out leggings with some leather black boots to make the whole outfit for the photo. The more I look at this picture, I feel like that the road is an accessory for the whole picture. It makes the outlook complete.


Outfit three is a sparkle. The golden metallic skirt with the navy blue tye-dye body suit. I wanted to mix different fabric of the skirt with the print of the body suit and it turned out to be a fun outfit to put together.

This was my first blog post with all of you. I cannot wait to share more with you and learn from all of you.