Modeling Equality: The Design of Androgyny

Fashion is a tool we as humans use to form our identity, this is inclusive of gender. Fashion can be used to make powerful statements both to liberate and subjugate one’s identity. By applying the principles of androgyny to fashion, we can transcend social constructs and discover authenticity. In other words, the wardrobe prescribed for men and women can restrict facets of our identity. Lace, shear stockings, corset belts, fur shrugs, and leather leggings are just a few of my preferred articles, which I use to express my fashion spirit!

My vocation as a model and lifestyle consultant has suited me in a label of the utmost quality and that is equality. I am modeling for gender equality through the design of androgyny. What exactly is androgyny? It is the expression of gender, which falls within the middle of the gender continuum. Gender is a social construct (fabricated by societal norms) and should not be misinterpreted for the sex you are assigned at birth (male/female determined by anatomy). What does this have to do with fashion? Quite simply, everything!

Local photographer and makeup artist, Anderson Gonzalez, renowned for his couture photography, captured the spirit of this social movement in an awe-striking way. Albeit, I styled myself in an avant-garde fashion to make a statement, and I do not dress this extreme in my diurnal life, these images demonstrate my point. A man can adopt attire commonly ascribed for a woman, still be a “man”, and look damn good doing it. Denver is an emergent metropolis not only in the size of its population, but in its style. Let’s embrace the diversity of our thriving city and try to look beyond the constructs, to see fashion as a form of expression not silenced by primitive roles. That’s what makes it interesting, that’s what makes it beautiful, that’s what makes it authentic.