Made Fabulous By Mallory: Dry Shampoo

|| Written by Mallory Lynn ||

Being a color specialist at an Aveda salon, I am always encouraging my guest to go a couple days in between without washing their hair. Trust me I have heard it all. "My hair just looks so oily after I wake up....I work out and get all sweaty....I feel like it smells if don't wash it." Does that sound familiar?

Let me let you in on a little secret...You can use dry shampoo and it will help your style last longer and will help eliminate the reasons why you should wash your hair every day.

I was an everyday shampoo-er until I decided to become a redhead. Being a colorist, I hated that my hair kept fading. (So easy solution I stopped washing my hair.) At first, I was experiencing oily scalp and when I would workout my hair would be all sweaty around my hairline. I started trying all the dry shampoos. I tried all kinds of them and I found only two actually worked. My favorite dry shampoo is D'Ametri's blowout extending spray. After my workout or the next morning, I would spray the dry shampoo at my roots and when I was done working out, I would spray the dry shampoo all over my hair. Then, I would let it air dry or blow dry my hair and it wouldn't leave it feeling dirty or gross! Even when I went camping, I sprayed my hair with the dry shampoo and it took the odor of the campfire away. I was sold on dry shampoo after that!

If you want healthy beautiful hair or for your fabulous style to last more than just one day, try dry shampoo. Using dry shampoo you can protect your color from fading and you can use your natural oils to condition your hair.