Love Stinks!

Let me explain my title a little better- in this case love does stink, but in a good way!  Valentine's Day is today and for my readers (and especially for their boyfriends) I wanted to throw out an idea that I think would make the perfect gift:

Candy - Nope,  just gained 5 lbs thinking about it

Roses - Nope, Dead a week later

Nice dinner - Well gotta have a date for that!

But wait, what about perfume!  A gift that lasts and gets you noticed even when it's not Valentine's Day.


When I walked in the door at Scented Studio I was immediately faced with over 500 small viles of delicious smells, anything from candy to wood.  How in the world was I ever going to decide? Well lucky for me, Sasha was on hand to reassure me that smell is very individual and to just dive right in, because there was no wrong or right, just a scent that appeals to you. I was able to dip tester strips into the small bottles and group the strips together and wave them in front of my nose. And guess what, she was right. There were so many amazing combinations, but believe me when I tell you that the right one for you will become very evident. You can experience this studio they way I did by spending time and testing on your own, or you can take a workshop where they allow you to smell 22 difference fragrances and chose up to 5 to blend into your own signature perfume or cologne. Another cool part of taking the workshop is their Fragrance Personality Quiz! For example, here are a few questions that can determine the fragrance that is best for you:

What kind of music do you prefer?  R&B or Jazz

What's your signature piece of clothing?  A comfy sweater

Your friends say you are:  Sophisticated and reserved

I ended up purchasing a pre-blended body lotion in one of their most popular scents, Kissable.  And they gave me the Valentine's day discount because I was wearing red!

In case you are wondering where I got this cute red dress, I tried out Rent the Runway. This service is really great for special occasion dresses that  you will probably only wear once. You go online, order a dress like this Nicole Miller Red Artelier Mock Neck Dress, and it shows up on your doorstep! I wasn't sure if I was a 2 or a 4, but no worries, they sent me both sizes for one price, $60! I had the dress for 3 days and then I returned it in the very safe garment bag that it comes in complete with a return shipping label. This service would be great for Prom!