Icaro Designs

Long before the throngs of young people and businesses began flooding Denver, Leslie Icaro made the move to the Mile High City when she was still in high school. Born with a creative spirit, over the years she has taken on many projects including teaching herself how to paint, cook, and sew. The last two years have been spent focusing her talents on creating her own line of handbags, Icaro Designs.

On occasion you will find Icaro Designs around Denver at some of the artisan fairs and community events but she also works closely with her clients on custom orders to ensure their wants and needs are met. “I love making a bag for a client that is built just for them,” Icaro said. “And the fact that there is no other one out there seals the deal for me!” From conception to creation most custom orders take an average of 12 hours to complete.

When asked what keeps her motivated she laughs, “The second I step foot into my studio I'm like a kid in a candy store, I can't wait to play and design. I truly enjoy it, so it never feels like work!”

Icaro is a perfectionist when it comes to her work and it begins with the high quality leather that she selects. The majority of the leather she works with comes from her sourcing trips to Italy. What she does not find in Italy comes from suppliers in Texas and New York. Her inventory includes a wide variety of colors, textures, and prints. Though most of her handbags are composed of leather on leather, Icaro has been experimenting with both new and vintage velvet fabrics. Some of her designs will include velvet in the near future.

Currently Icaro is working on a collaboration with the up and coming bridal boutique, Nuorikko. The line will first be launched on the crowdfunding company ifundwomen.com. The goal for the crowdfunding is to help build an interactive website that allows the user to fully customize the handbag. This summer she will also be launching her new line on Etsy and you can continue to find her handbags at the artisan market Found in Wheat Ridge.

For more information and upcoming shows please visit LeslieIcaro.com or follow her on Instagram @icaro_leather