Local Kids Shop with DeMarcus Ware

Local Kids Shop with DeMarcus Ware

[ By Jordan Jackson, @DenverSheWrote and photos by Kendrick Howard ]

In our opinion, the best part of the holidays is giving back, and doing it with style. The JCPenney Park Meadows event featuring Broncos outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware was certainly just that.

Imagine: A bus full of YMCA underprivileged kids arriving to the shopping center in hopes of getting presents for their parents and dearest family members. While the group of schools kids was let in on the secret that a gift card would be provided, the little ones had no idea who is going to be helping them throughout the shopping endeavor. As the extravaganza slowly got underway, the kids lined up, eager to scour the store.

Just as holiday magic would have it, a countdown began and a superhero appeared. Cheers of excitement and joy burst through the hallways of the mall. Demarcus Ware would not only be posing for photos, but taking time out of his evening to  help the children that check off their list. (Tissue anyone?)

untitled-74-editWe got the opportunity to talk to Ware and discovered that his compassion for this sort of project stems from the time he spent at the Y as a kid. He explained that there's nothing better than giving back to our youth, and we have to agree. Plus, it can't hurt to see so many little faces of admiration staring up at you.


Since we are Denver style, don't worry, fashion questions were asked. Ware didn't hesitate to explain his role in playing team stylist, and couldn't help but boast about how sharp they look during road games. His favorite accessory? Hats of any kind.

untitled-125-editThe Denver Broncos certainly are a polite and well polished crew. This random act of kindness and the entire event was a pleasant reminder of how to give back during this festive season. Cheers to a wonderful evening!