Life Is too Short to Not Have Mermaid Hair

It has always been important to me that I express myself through my fashion choices.  And as most of Denver Style Magazine's regular readers and contributors would agree, makeup is in itself an art form.  I've always held the opinion that what better canvas than your own face or body to try out something new or wild?  Point being: I have never been afraid to make loud statements with my outfits and makeup. However, when it came to my hair..."Oh no. Just another full highlight for me, please!"  (I'd say to my hair stylist.)  It's not that I thought full spectrum hair looked bad.  In fact, when I see it on someone else, I usually feel a sense of admiration and find it to be beautiful!  (If done professionally of course.)   I just thought it would never look good on me.  And honestly, I was too afraid to make such a bold move with my precious locks.

Then something happened which made all my beliefs about myself come crashing down:  My Mom unexpectedly passed away last December.  But what does that have to do with my hair?  Well, following my Mom's passing, I was suddenly faced with the fact that impermanence is everywhere- Even within the closest of family and friend circles.

Fast forward from December 2016 to March 2017:  I have a friend Taylor, who co-owns Halcyon Salon and Spa with her sister, Whitney, and Mother, Lauren.  Taylor asked if I'd be willing to let her do something fun with my hair.  You can call it mermaid hair, unicorn hair, hologram hair,  Easter Sunday it whatever you want, but essentially it's a bunch of different colors. On my head. Did I mention multiple colors?  Yikes.  I was somewhat tempted to say no because that's what pre-December Gina most likely would have said.  But two things went through my mind: 1. Taylor is a hair scientist/genius/sensei.  If there's anyone I trust to do something totally out of the box with my hair, it's her.  And 2. Since some time has gone by since my Mom passed, I'm (slowly) feeling the urge to live more fully.  I learned a hard lesson about never knowing what can happen in life. So... hell yea mermaid hair!

Not so surprisingly- I love it.  Taylor worked her magic on my hair, which I think turned out beautifully. Katie made my face look like an air-brushed sea goddess, and Whitney, with her creative eye, took gorgeous photos of the whole process.

It's not just about having "trendy hair"-  this has been an ongoing experience, which has brightened up my day and appearance, during a pretty challenging time.  I swear the mermaid hair is like an emotional support companion. And no certificate needed to get on public transportation with it!

So, if you want to look like a mermaid or just need a solid beauty pick-me-up, go to these women at this family run salon.  They not only do beautiful hair and makeup, but also henna, lashes, and everything else that comes with having a spa.

Closing advice: Do things you're afraid of doing.  And if you want to join the mermaid hair movement, well damn girl, I say do it!