La La Land Fashion Week

My last post I talked about New York fashion week at Madison Square Garden. That was an experience that I will never forget. The more I think about it, I honestly think that anyone pursuing a career in the fashion industry should really work with production company that produces fashion shows for the public. The whole experience opens your eyes to a lot within the industry. You get to see all the beautiful designs that the designers put their heart and soul into. You get to meet amazing people in the industry. For me, I learned a lot about the industry and a lot more about myself while working with these shows.

I had another opportunity to work with Style Fashion Week. After New York, the company went right to Los Angeles to do fashion week in West Hollywood at the Pacific Design Center. Nothing less, the weather was extremely hot and the venue was outside. Other than that the show turned out beautiful as ever.

This designer, Commateo, I had the pleasure to work the designer, Camillea. She was so kind.   This collection was detailed with the fabric that she chose. There was a lot of wool and nylon. I absolutely loved the colors she put together with the collection, lost of red, white, and black.

Richard Hallmarq. My personal style is rocker glam and seeing this collection made my heart skip a beat. The crazy/cool thing with this collection is that the designer only used four models for the runway. The designers inspiration was to bring a rack on the stage and have the models change in to their second changes on the runway. The concept and seeing the show on the runway was amazing.

Another collection that made my heart skip a beat. Mario La Torres was the sweetest man. I had the chance to work with him in New York as well as Los Angeles. His collections are minimalistic and bold. The color and fabric choices for this collection were breathe taking.

David Tupaz collection was 70s glam, classy to the whole collection. His whole collection just sparkled. He used a lot of golds, browns, blacks, and whites with his collection. I absolutely adored the fabric that he chose. It reminded a lot of Chanel. The tweed looked so pure and sophisticated. Truly a remarkable collection.

I was so happy to see a mens collection at the Los Angeles show. Moods of Norway reminded a lot of Mad Men. The suits were amazing and detailed with every stitch. My favorite part of this collection is that the designer didn't use basic colors, he brighten up the collection with greens, oranges, different shades of blue and red. For the under shirts, he use a lot of fun print to make the suit pop out more to the audience.

In the end, this week in Los Angeles was absolutely wonderful. I got to meet and work with a lot of new designers and meet a lot of new people. The experience itself was one for the books. Until next season.