KISS: Keep It Stylishly Simple

AUTHORED BY: John Chapman IV



Leo Rivera // New York, NY // @LifeOfLeo // Photographer: @CecileBizet

Sir Josh Aaron // Cypress, Tx // @SirJoshAason // Photographer: @Fredis_B

Keino Benjamin // Brooklyn, NY // @KeinoBenz // Photographer: Lisa Rumbalski

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Lets take it back to the days of simplicity!!

With the constant growth and extreme use of social media, men from various angles of life are dressing up a lot more. Athletes, service men, business men, even the blue collar workers are all putting a little more "spunk" into their wardrobes. Though this is a great thing to see taking place, it is noticed that some men go a little overboard with accessories, colors and clothing when all it takes is a little simplicity to stand out. Ive called on a few friends of mine from around the globe to give you a visual of how to KISS.

   As we enter a new season, new styles are required. More relaxed, less clothing, and a few minor details to pay attention to. Advice: Use only one colorful accessory to make your outfit come together. As seen in this picture, Leo (@LifeOfLeo) is wearing a simple khaki suit with a white v-neck t-shirt underneath. You'll notice that the attention of your eye is drawn to his pocket square which is minimal but just enough to let you know he is man of style.  You can bring this seasonal look together perfectly with some tan or brown loafers to keep the simplicity going. A lot of men will try to add a colorful hat, lapel flower and extras that are NOT necessary, KEEP IT STYLISHLY SIMPLE!!

     Its not about who has on the most colors, or how many beads and necklaces you are sporting. Its about how you utilize your wardrobe and how you pull it together to showcase your personal style. Sir Josh Aaron (@SirJoshAaron) does it perfectly in this photo. A simple white button up and jeans, brought together by classic white sneakers is brilliant (notice the cuffs, not too high, and set just right). As for accessories, a couple of beads on the wrist, and a fedora that pairs well with his eye wear. Advice:Don't overdue it, KEEP IT STYLISHLY SIMPLE!!

A hat has always been the classic go to item to stand out in the crowd. The question you may have is, "What hat will work best for me?". Advice: Choose dependent on the size of your head. A larger head needs a larger hat, as a smaller head requires a smaller hat. Also, it is important to find a hat that is versatile and functional, as seen here on Keino Benjamin (@keinobenz ). This hat is simple, yet can be worn with anything. The main color brown, offset with the black band, allows one to match a simple t-shirt or even a suit with this extremely manageable component. For this spring/summer, find a hat that compliments you, don't buy one that looks good on someone else.


P.S. Don't get dressed for where you've been, get dressed for where you're going....