Intern Diaries: Jumping In

Hi everyone! I'm one of the newest interns here at Denver Style and these past few weeks have been such an incredible whirlwind. As the magazines photography intern, my role has been attending events and photographing local pop-ups, trunk shows and everything else that this growing city has been cultivating in the fashion scene. The people are phenomenally dressed and so kind! That being said, it doesn't make the change of pace any easier. Summer nights in Denver are always buzzing with creative blossoming and it can be quite the task to keep everything counted on my fingers and toes.

I graduated from the University of Northern Colorado all of four days before starting the internship and moving to the city. I had four days to pack, move, unpack and start a new internship adventure. Talk about a time crunch! Coming from such a dull and uneventful town to a city with such creativity and energy was enough to stop anyones heart, if even for just a moment. What's even more jarring for the senses is having to get out into the energy and start sticking your toes in where you feel they don't belong. It was hard for me to get into conversation and feel like anything more than an 11 year old with a fancy camera. I'm sure the first event I went to I was red in the face from not knowing where to place my human form in the space provided.

I've always had the impression that city people are stoic people and easy to get along with. I fully expected this attitude from Denver and I bet you can imagine how different of an experience I have had. I have not met one person yet who has not whole-heartedly wanted to engage in pleasant conversation or at least smile and say hello. Every boutique, salon, meet-up, blogger or attendee has been a pleasure to meet and I'm certain there will be many more to come.

I may not be completely accustomed to walking through a crowded room of strangers to introduce myself to the most important one but the kindness I have received has been amazing.

I'm getting there.

- Brandon