Introducing DSM Contributor: Victoria Cardines


Why She Contributes:  This is a fun way to be able to write about my own personal take on fashion as something more real and organic.  I published poetry books and did food reviews but took a break from writing, which gave me the opportunity to pursue creative/visual pursuits like graphic design.  I style my own photo shoots with pieces from my personal closet.  I have a lot of clothes after losing weight last year, going from a size 8 down to size 0-1.  Contributing to DSM will give me the opportunity to write about fashion and style while being able to do photography at the same time.

What do you plan to write about? I’m a Denver native and I would like to showcase our unique style to complement influences we get from the East and West Coasts.  I plan to write about stylish people, local designers and creatives.  I would also like to write about how to overcome styling challenges for some people like doing make up, getting a cohesive look and style without blowing your shopping budget on one item.

What interests you? At the moment, I’m into Japanese culture especially Manga. My boyfriend got me into it and I just admire the beautiful artwork.  I try to incorporate Japanese influences into my own style like the beautiful skirts made from  kimonos I purchased on a trip to CA.

Where do you find inspiration for creativity? I find inspiration everywhere. It could be just going outside my apartment on Broadway, the Denver Art Museum, nature, seeing different colors and hearing sounds. I like being in places where I can be inspired before I start with a project.

Where are your favorite places to shop in Denver? Denver shopping these days is either hipster, urban or heavily influenced by fashion from New York or LA.  I think local boutiques are more important than people realize, otherwise, we’ll all look the same.  I go to Buffalo Exchange often for unique pieces.  I go to Inspyre and Intrigue for style inspirations.  I also love going to vintage boutiques on South Broadway.  I also tried menswear-inspired shopping at Stay Wild and Gibberish on RiNo. On top of that, I also love shopping online.

What trend/s are you following? I was never into skinny jeans before but I love them right now. I’m also into hair buns but sometimes, I run out of hair ties at the house because my boyfriend also wears one.  I also like experimenting with athleisure, wearing t-shirt dresses with my Nike’s when I meet my girlfriends.