Introducing DSM Contributor: John Chapman


When did you start blogging? I started blogging (my original blog in 2010. I started to blog after I attended my first NY Fashion Week. I was so inspired by what I saw, I felt that I needed to bring that back to Denver. My concept was to provide style tips for men and women through video and pictures.

What interest you about being a DSM Contributor? Reaching people, thinking out of the box. Making an effort of using my writing skills. Address other avenues of fashion than my own.

Where do you find inspiration for creativity? Pinterest (HUGE), social media, my son, art, and  music.

Favorite places to shop in Denver? Buffalo Exchange, Thrift Stores and Scotch & Soda.

What trend are you following? I am not following any trend at this moment.

Where can we find your clothing line? Lawrence And Larimer is the clothing line and as of now we are strictly online but hope to open a full boutique/retail space this summer, FINGERS CROSSED, PLEASE LORD!!! We will continue with our "Style On..." fashion showcase this summer in July. Also we will be quite active with our sponsoring partners Happy Socks and Levi's mid summer and early fall. Of course our clothing and accessories are always accessible online....