Introducing DSM Contributor: Evangeline Lambert


What interests you about being a DSM Contributor? Eva is excited to highlight the Colorado rafting community in Denver, while bringing fashion and style to a tom girl sport.

What do you plan to write about? What interests you? She plans to write about women’s rafting clothing and gear, team camaraderie, adventure sports in Colorado, and about the US Women’s Rafting Team’s experience at the World Rafting Championship coming up in Japan.

Where do you find inspiration for creativity? She finds inspiration in nature, from personal experience, and from other people’s stories.

Where are some of your favorite places to shop in Denver? She loves Stitch Boutique, Truly Boutique, Gili Gear, Kokotat, Melanzana, and Confluence Kayaks for rafting gear.

What trend are you following? For fashion trends, she always has her eye on boots and new swimwear. She loves the brand Aerie because they use models of all shapes and sizes, and also doesn’t airbrush them. She’s hoping this becomes a bigger trend in fashion.