Intern Diaries: The New Office

Hello! My name is Cailyn and I am the newest intern here at Denver Style Magazine. I joined the DSM team near the tail end of their time in their previous office, so I got a glimpse of how quickly the magazine was outgrowing the space. I was very excited for the move to The Studio because not only was it closer to me, but the pictures I had seen made it look like an incredible place to work! I eagerly anticipated how easy it was going to be now for me to get to the office.

The excitement quickly went away.

Now I'm no expert, but I don't generally have a lot of problems with technology. Until this happened.

I was using Maps on my phone to get me to the new space, as I always do out of convenience, trusting that Apple would get me there safely. You may or may not know that there is construction going on right now near 55th and Washington, and detours are advised. I was under the impression that Maps would be aware of the construction that was going on and would be leading me down the best detour route. Apparently I was too trusting. The directions kept trying to lead me down a street that was closed, and so for about 10 minutes I was driving in circles trying to get Maps to reroute me to a street that I could actually drive down! Needless to say, panic had started to creep up on me as I pictured having to walk into a random business and ask someone for help. Finally I was able to get on the correct street, which was honestly much easier to get to than my phone was trying to make things.

My relief was short lived however. In my haste to get to the meeting early, I didn't read the email telling us what building the office space was in. Which means when Maps told me I had arrived, I assumed it was wrong again and that I would have to drive in more circles to find this place! But after pulling into a semi-sketchy warehouse parking lot I was able to read said email and get my bearings and find the correct building. I even still made it early!

Getting lost was well worth it though, The Studio is a beautiful space and is so good to the Denver Style team and all of their other guests! I can't wait to see how much we can accomplish here.

But I won't be trusting Maps again for a while.