Intern Diaries: Perspective

Hey all,  

I was planning on coming home, writing a funny Intern Diary post, and that was supposed to be that. Instead, I came home from work to find out that hundreds of people were losing their lives in France. This paralyzing news made any silly story I was about to tell seem pretty insignificant.

Something that really hits me every time something terrible like this happens is the importance of perspective. If we think that a bad hair day or a bit of rush hour traffic is the worst thing ever, I’d say life isn’t so bad. We wake up every day thinking that tomorrow is a promise. In reality, this current moment is the only promise we have. I realize this sounds all doom and gloom, but truthfully I think that it should be motivation rather than a discouraging fact.

In times like these, it’s important to cherish the small problems - they could be much larger. So here are my words of advice that I will do my best to follow as well. Smile in traffic, even if you’re late to work. Shake off that bad hair day, because it’s really not that bad. Never leave someone you love or appreciate without telling them. Make every moment count.


Samantha Brewers

Editorial Intern