Intern Diaries: New Year, [Sorta] New Me

It's that time of the year again. Everyone starts creating their list of New Years resolutions, saying they'll join a gym, stop eating donuts, stop drinking as advice to you: be realistic. Know yourself and design your resolutions according to who you are. Like I know myself, and I never work out like I'm supposed to. I drink a glass of wine every other day(or maybe every day). I eat out more than I should. So here are my realistic resolutions for this exciting new year:

  1. Learn how to cook something other than a frozen pizza
  2. Stop buying clothes every day
  3. Buy clothes every other day
  4. Work out at least once a month
  5. Get a library card...and never use it
  6. Clean my room
  7. Get my brakes fixed on my car before I crash and die
  8. Get a planner and use it more than just the first week of 2016
  9. Drink more wine
  10. Look for the good in every bad day


So there it is...make your own [sorta] new me list...I guarantee you will get it all done before 2017.

Much love to you beautiful people

xo Olive