Intern Diaries - New Girl

Hey everyone!  

My name is Sam, and I am the editorial intern here at Denver Style Magazine. I am new to Colorado, and feel extremely lucky to be a part of this amazing team. Anyone who has met these girls knows that they are some very special people! On top of their fun, quirky personalities, they share a mutual understanding of the importance of community. In half a year alone, they have weaved together a unique group of fashion lovers, always welcoming and searching for others to join. Whether you are a stylist, photographer, boutique owner, or simply a fashion connoisseur, they would love to connect you with the Denver Style community. I feel very fortunate to have been welcomed myself.

When I first moved here from Indiana about three months ago, I was in love with my newfound freedom from college and breathtaking surroundings. However, being the new girl in town is never a walk in the park. Coming from a small, Midwest town to a big city surrounded by mountains was quite a drastic change. I may be in the same country, but I still felt a bit of a culture shock. Anyone who has moved hundreds or thousands of miles away from friends and family can relate. Luckily, technology now a days makes moving a little bit easier!

After meeting plenty of people in passing over the past three months, I have learned that Colorado is made up of people from all over the country. I mean, blue skies..beautiful weather..mountains..who wouldn’t want to live here? Just off the top of my head, I have met people from New York, Ohio, Florida, North Dakota, Idaho, Massachusetts, Indiana, Hawaii, and the list goes on and on. These locations aren’t by any means grouped together in one area of the country. Thinking about this has made me realize how many people have gathered in this specific place. Adjusting from different climates, landscapes and cultures, we have all come together in one city. We now share the weather, appreciate the same mountain view, try the same restaurants and listen to all of the same Bronco’s hype! Everyone’s goal is to survive and succeed in life, and everyone here has their own, specific reason for choosing where to reside while doing so. As fate would have it, we have all chosen Denver as our home base.

In three short months, I went from feeling like I would never find my place, to falling into the perfect one. Anyone out there who feels like they will never find somewhere where they fit in, stop looking and start living! I have come to realize that good things happen when you stop trying to make them happen. Try new things, meet new people and take chances outside of your comfort zone. It worked for me, and it can work for you too!

I am so excited for the future, and can't wait to continue meeting new people in this amazing place.



Sam / Editorial Intern



Photo courtesy of Tara Polly Photography