Intern Diaries: Never Alone

The common theme of our posts as interns seems to revolve around how busy life can become, and how to manage our time. The truth is, everyone experiences the sensation of being overwhelmed every now and then. It's what makes life interesting. How dull would it be if we had it all figured out? Whether you’re the boss, or the intern, the feelings are all the same when the days seem to have too few hours. We all have our own individual stories to share with you (and our own methods to keep structure) hoping you can relate. I without a doubt have the worst structure out of the group, but somehow manage to keep going. Between my internship with DSM, my new job as a stylist at Inspyre Boutique (woo woo!), a new life in a new city as a recent college grad and planning my wedding 1,000 miles away from the destination, time seems to be pretty scarce. If you’re anything like me, and have sometimes taken on more than you think you can handle, it’s important to realize: you can do it. Realizing that you took on all of those responsibilities because you wanted to do them, and are passionate about them, is the first step to help yourself.

It is also important to know that you are not alone. Most likely, if you are able to do so many things, you have a pretty great support system. For me, I have my fiancé who is nothing but supportive, my family and some pretty amazing friends scattered throughout the U.S. Sometimes receiving little notes and packages from them in the mail reminds me they are out there cheering me on, and facing challenges of their own.

When it feels like its you against the world, remember all of the people standing by your side (whether you can see them or not).

Sincerely, Sam Steed

Editorial Intern