Intern Diaries: Holiday Travel Essentials

The holidays are coming up, and many of you are probably planning trips to head back home. I'm originally from Wisconsin and love to travel, so I've become a pro at the whole airport thing. These are my top 10 winter travel must-haves:
1. A cute vest - My idea of the perfect travel outfit means comfort. My new favorite vest (above, left) is from Inspyre Boutique. I think a vest is perfect because airports and planes can either be unbearably cold or hot, and a vest gives you the flexibility for extra warmth.
2. A pair of booties - I am all about wearing something that's easy to take off in security. No buttons, no ties, no fuss. Common Era has THE cutest booties (above, center) that are not only adorable, but also comfy and easy to throw on and off.
3. Fashion Bibles - don't forget your copy of Denver Style Magazine! An obvious must. One of my favorite things about traveling is catching up on my reading.
4. Gum - Ears be poppin' as I like to say. I always need a piece of gum before take-off. Also, sitting next to someone with bad breath is the absolute worst... DON'T BE THAT PERSON.
5. Bottle of water - The recycled air can be extremely dehydrating. Bring an empty water bottle with you so you don't have to waste $5 on one there.
6. Hair ties - Wrap a few of these on your wrist. Being able to throw my hair up whenever during the whole security-waiting-sitting-on-an-airplane thing needs to be possible.
7. Travel size deodorant - You don't want to be that person your seat mates are texting their friends: "Girl next to me smells."
8. Travel size moisturizer - The dry air makes my skin crazy dry. Throw a 3 oz. good-smelling moisturizer in your carry-on for an easy fix! Bath and Body Works has perfect travel size options.
9. Chapstick - Again, the dryness is real. Chapped lips on a plane with no chapstick is my worst nightmare.
10. Cliff bar - Airport snacks never satisfy my cravings. Bring your favorite snack food to make your trip all the more better.
Happy travels loves!
xo Olivia