Intern Diaries - Getting to know your boss

Hey all! This week I am going to let you in on my first embarrassing moment as an intern. I’m sure there will be plenty more to come, but this is number one! You may find us a bit strange for how hilarious we think this story is, but that will just help you get to know us that much more. So, there are plenty of normal ways to get to know your boss. You could chat over coffee, maybe even bond over similar interests. However, here at Denver Style we tend to take the road less travelled.

It all started when EIC, Heather, picked me up after my morning job at a muffin bakery downtown. Knowing that I would most likely be covered head to toe in flour and muffin mix, she kindly brought me an outfit of her own for me to change in to (luckily we are the same size, so I was dressed completely in Heather attire!). That day’s mission was to cover the Boulder Staycation piece for our upcoming issue. I was so excited to be included as an assistant in the feature! It was my first inside look on Heather and Kelsey’s role at DSM. And I must say, to have a job you absolutely love that doesn’t feel like work to you, that is the dream.

During our staycation we enjoyed some amazing tea while learning the history behind the Boulder Teahouse, and received manicure/pedicures at Ten20 Nail and Waxing Salon. What an amazing experience to have at a day of work! The only unpleasant element of the experience was the lack of preparation in the shoe department for Heather and I. Kelsey led the way as we trailed behind, Heather in heels, and a size too small of shoes for me. Our walk from the Teahouse to the salon was a bit of a struggle, but completely worth it. We made it, and all was well. That is, until I took off the shoes I had borrowed from Heather, and realized that my feet were NOT in good shape. To my horror, I realized that my feet had bled in my boss’s shoes! Now how’s that for getting acquainted? Luckily, if you know Heather and Kelsey, you know this situation is actually more humorous than tragic. After laughing almost to the point of tears, Heather generously bought some new sandals for us at Ten20’s gift shop. Thank you Ten20 for also coming to the rescue!

It may have been an embarrassing experience at the time, but it sure was the most interesting icebreaker I’ve ever experienced. As strange as it sounds, that instance pretty much took away all of my nerves in the workplace. Laughing off a situation that could have really annoyed someone made me realize that I was in the right place. Sometimes life shouldn’t be taken too seriously, and these girls have the perfect balance. She even trusted me enough to pick another outfit of hers to wear to a fashion show (I made it out without a scratch!).

So, moral of the story: sometimes its okay to bleed in your boss’s shoes.