Intern Diaries: Four Beauty Favorites

Liquid to Matte Lipstick: I wear lipstick almost every day, which means I get lipstick on cups almost every single day. Which is why I LOVE matte lipstick. I think Liquid to Matte is the best because it goes on like a gloss, making for a much easier application. Once it dries down to the matte finish it looks smooth and soft and beautiful, plus it doesn’t rub off or transfer to foods or cups. If you like the Liquid to Matte look but not the name brand price, look up the seller Give Me Glow on Etsy. They make amazing dupes for all of the big brands like Lime Crime and Kat Von D, and even take requests for specific colors they don’t have yet in their shop!


Highlight & Contour Palettes:

I’ve got a pretty fat face, so I need a little help from makeup to create the illusion of cheekbones and a jaw line. I recently discovered contouring this year and have never been happier with the way my makeup looks. I do just a light contour on my cheeks for everyday, and then a fuller contour for going out. Contouring is becoming very popular so there are plenty of kits to choose from, but my favorite so far is the NYX Highlight and Contour Pro Palette. It’s a little on the expensive side compared to some of their other stuff, but it’s still about half of all of the name brand contour palettes I’ve found. It is a pressed powder palette and comes in a refillable case with 8 different shades for contouring and highlighting, so you can buy the powders separately as you run out rather than having to buy a whole new palette.


Tinted Brow Pomade:

Let’s be real. Eyebrows can make or break a good makeup day. When my eyebrows don’t look good, everything is off. When filling in my eyebrows I like to use Pomades because I think Pomades look a bit more natural and not as “drawn on” as an eyebrow pencil when you need to do more than just fill in a little color. My favorite Pomade so far has been Too Faced Bulletproof Brows. It’s smooth and creamy for easy application and blends well with my eyebrow hairs, and I don’t have to worry about smudging it if I accidentally rub my eyebrow. The only bad thing about this product is it only comes in two colors. Another great and cheaper option is NYX Tame and Frame Brow Pomade. It’s less than half the cost, and has more shade options, but I find the application is not quite as smooth as I would like.


Coconut Oil:

I have naturally curly, and therefore dry, hair that I honestly haven’t treated very well. I go from dark brown to blonde and back again just about every year, which means my hair is bleached often and damaged quite a bit. I get regular Olaplex treatments when getting my hair done (ask your hair stylist if they offer it-you won’t regret it!) but my hair still needs love in between visits. Over the past year or so I have turned to Coconut Oil to help give my hair the love it needs. I typically put coconut oil all over my hair at night and sleep with it on, then wash it out the next morning. Not only does my hair feel more moisturized and generally healthier, but I’ve also seen faster hair growth since I’ve started, which is always amazing!


I hope some of these give you good tips to incorporate into your own beauty routine. Thanks for reading!


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