Intern Diaries: A broke girl’s guide to gift giving

It’s that time of year again! I know you probably told yourself that you would get your holiday shopping done by October...but let's face it, that will be the day. If you’re new to the real world like me, this can also be a stressful time of year for your budget. If your heart wants to give, but your bank account won’t allow it, try out a DIY project.

This year I decided to make weathered barn wood picture frames; scroll down for a quick how-to.


Wood Frames (I purchased mine from

Paint Brush (cheaper the better)

Acrylic Paint (choose at least one light color)

Plastic or newspaper (to save yourself the mess)

Sand Paper


Step 1:

Lay out your frames over a layer of plastic or newspaper. You will thank me later.


Step 2:

Use the lightest color of paint for your first layer. Don’t apply the paint thick or even; you will want some of the brown to show through to keep the rustic appearance. Let this dry for around 20 minutes.


Step 3:

Repeat step two with as many colors as you would like. Make sure you can see some of the lower layers of paint through your top layer.


Step 4:

After the paint is completely dry, use the sandpaper to rub away some of the paint.


Step 5:

You’re done! Admire your creation.


Have a great holiday!


Samantha Brewers