In Defense of the Fashion-Girl Uniform

Why is it that no matter what pieces I buy and stash in my closet, at least once a week I find myself in a simple tee, ripped jeans, and booties? It’s basically my uniform, and I am finally okay with that.

Not too long after I realized that I wear the same variation of clothing styles almost every happy hour, I started paying attention to some of my more stylish friends. We ALL play this same fashion game. One girl is rarely seen without a slouchy sweater and another finishes nearly every outfit with over the knee boots. We all have our fashion-girl uniforms, and if any glance at Instagram is an indicator, we are not alone. Most girls who love fashion tend to gravitate toward certain styles time and time again. And Denver’s mostly-casual social scene is the perfect place to find and flaunt your favorite go-to look. The scene here is always comfortable, inviting, and inclusive, which gives anyone license to dress however they wish. Many times, for me, that means throwing on my uniform and heading out the door feeling comfortable and confident.

We have known for years that some of the most stylish women in the world stick to formula dressing. Pick pieces that flatter your body and feed your soul, and repeat as often as necessary. French women have clean, nautical lines and British women have always had the classic trench. I have always pulled influence from these styles, so it makes sense that I accidentally formed my own little capsule of looks. Formulaic dressing takes uncertainty out of getting ready and shopping, and it helps us create a polished message to send to the world. Whether that message is that we are welcoming, classic, or edgy, it is nice to have one ready to send to the world some days.

So, is the fashion-girl uniform problematic? In a word, no. Wearing similar styles too often gets a bad rap among fashion lovers, but it has its value. One beautiful thing about fashion is that we get to interpret it however we want, whenever we want. There are many days when I branch away from my uniform to try new silhouettes and styles. But I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t comforting to have an old friend to slip into on days when I just don’t want to deal.

Because that’s the thing about the fashion-girl uniform. About my friends’ slouchy sweaters and over-the-knee boots. About my boyfriend jeans and booties. It’s like a warm hug at the end of a long day. One that you know you can look and feel your best in.