Ily Iley Grand Opening!



Congratulations to Ily Iley and their successful grand opening! What a fantastic introduction to a new space for creative fashion design in the city! This new boutique has acquired itself a fantastic LoHi location on 15th street. Ilyse(Ily) Mark and Bailey(Iley) Lemark have created a minimalist mod atmosphere in this trendy new Denver boutique by their sleek store design and unique vintage inspired looks. The clothing brings a taste of retro New York City and flare that lends itself to individualistic style. Some noteable items were the vintage blue boat neck dresses, a contemporary black studded leather peplum hemmed top, and a rack of vintage clothing found across the country. Apart from the clothing itself, the store design creates a wonderful atmosphere with its kitsch wall hangings and remarkable knick knacks. Surrounded by other shopping ventures and great restaurants, the boutique is perfectly located in the city. If you are looking for a vintage look, Ily Iley is a must!