How to Edit Your Closet

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AUTHORED BY: Marissa Jacobs, Create Space Organizing

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 Ever have the feeling where you are looking at your closet, which is entirely full of clothes, and yet, you feel like you have nothing to wear? That’s because your closet needs to be edited! When you look at a cluttered wardrobe that contains items that need to be cleaned or repaired, that no longer suit your taste, or that are messily displayed, of course you don’t feel excited about going through it to find something to wear. So set aside some time, at least two hours, put on your favorite Spotify playlist, and pull everything out of your closet to begin the editing process!



First, purge! I’m sure you’ve heard me say it before, but the more you can get rid of, the better. Be realistic with yourself, and try to determine if you will actually wear the items as you review them. My rule of thumb is that if I haven’t worn something in the last two seasons, then it has to go. The only exception to this rule is special occasion items like formal dresses, swimsuits, a black blazer for interviews, and things that might be worth hanging onto for those very particular wardrobe needs. Day-to-day items, however, should be exactly that, things that you wear every couple of days. So if you have a lot of clothes that don’t seem to ever see the light of day out of your closet, this is a great chance to evaluate if you should get rid of them. Check each item for condition as well as you review it. Divide items into the following categories:

  • Trash or Recycle
    • For anything that is worn out, stained, and nobody else could really use
  • Donate
    • For items that someone else could use, but they are not new enough or in current style enough to consign
  • Consign
    • For anything that is still in great shape, but is just not your style anymore
  • Clean & Repair
    • For items that you want to keep, but that need to be washed, dry cleaned, tailored, or repaired
  • Keep
    • For your favorite things that are in great shape and are ready to wear, they can go in a pile to go back into your closet. These are things that make you feel great and that you could see yourself wearing today!

For the items that you set aside to donate or consign or take to the cleaners, put them in bags or boxes right now and actually put them by the front door or in the car so you drop them off ASAP. Don’t let them sit for too long!


Also don’t forget about reviewing accessories, including your jewelry and your shoes! Sometimes these items take up just as much space as your clothing! Get rid of worn out shoes, tattered handbags, sunglasses that don’t fit your face shape, or jewelry that you always fidget with. Only keep things that you love and that add to your outfit.


Now that you have edited your wardrobe to only contain your favorite items, go ahead and start putting things back in your closet! Hopefully you will have fewer items now, so it will be easier to arrange your clothes so that you can really see everything that you have in there. Group by category, all of your jackets together, all of your dresses together, and hang everything facing the same way. Having uniform hangers is a really inexpensive and easy way to make your closet look nicer and less cluttered. I like to hang the heaviest items toward the back, and the lightest items more forward, so they don’t get lost. Within your categories, group by color, dark to light, to make your closet visually more appealing. If you need some extra storage, consider getting some decorative hooks, baskets, bins, or over-the-door shoe hangers to make sure every item has a designated home.



If you take the time, maybe even this weekend, to edit your closet, it will make getting dressed not only faster, but more fun! You’ll only see your favorite things presented to you, so choosing an outfit will be a whole lot easier. You can also feel good about parting with clothes that someone else could actually use and enjoy, instead of having them sitting in your closet, making you feel bad for not wearing them. If you need another opinion, ask a friend to do this process with you! Offer to do her closet after as a trade. With a more curated closet, dressing like your stylish self will be a breeze.