How To Build A Fabulous Ponytail & Messy Braid

|| Written by Mallory Lynn ||

Do you have extensions and don't want to wear your hair down? I have some fabulous tips on how to create a long beautiful ponytail and messy braid.

Look One - Side Ponytail

Step One: Put your longest extension in working from the bottom up. It's ok to layer them on top of each other and bunch them up you are trying to create a full ponytail. You won't see them when your hair is up. For the styles I am creating a side pony so I will build the extensions in on one side only.

Step Two: Back comb to create volume and pull all your hair and extension hair into a ponytail to create your fabulous summer look.

Look Two - Messy Braid

Step One: For this fabulous look, place the extensions and back combing your hair to create volume.

Step Two: To build the side braid grab your hair and extensions and part your hair into three sections. Then simply do a traditional braid.

Step Three: To create a messy braid grab your rubber band loosely with one hand and then a strain of hair from the middle of the end of the braid and pull the braid will move up.

Model - Kylie | Makeup Artist - Tawna Coose | Hair - Mallory Lynn | Photographer - CJ Latham | Wardrobe - Lovey's Boutique