Holiday Hangovers in January

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AUTHORED BY: Hope & Grace

PHOTOGRAPHED BY: Kylie Fitts, Kylie Fitts Photography

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Just because the holidays are over doesn’t mean you still can’t rock your favorite chunky sweaters & glitter leggings. In fact, unless it’s a million degrees out, you can never go wrong with your holiday attire. If you are anything like us, then you are definitely still hungover from December. When life is supposed to slow down, it feels like it picks back up around January 1st and glitter bombs its hot mess all over you. Our photo session was one of those hot mess moments and we haven’t even been on the sauce since New Year’s Eve, thanks to Whole 30 and dry January. Join us as we discuss how you can still look like a babe even while sober, sans makeup and with wildly unkempt hair.



Hope is literally wearing her NYE outfit minus the headband. Found tucked away in the depths of the “club attire” at Charlotte Russe she found her new favorite item, a blue velvet body suit. Life complete. Glitter leggings never go out of style and paired with this leather jacket and black wedges, you have the perfect post-holiday party outfit, bed head only included if you are anything like us and forget your hair brush.

The best things in life are wine, Beyonce, and Grace’s outfit. She is rocking an amazing boxy sweater from Common Threads Denver over a white button up.  And how about her Sorel boots?! Thrifty, sustainable, and ready for the weather. She is ready to go from a belated work holiday function right to the bar for cocktails with girlfriends. No makeup, no fear.


Pairing down your statement pieces makes a casual outfit that is perfect for a night in or a night out, just add red lipstick to compliment your boots. Hope is wearing her new favorite Frye booties straight from a Cyber Monday deal and Grace is wearing her favorite go to Steve Madden Freebird boots that basically go with anything. Remember that layers are important for heat management- even indoors.  For example: if and when the dancing gets out of control, you will be ready to ditch the sweater scarf for something more dance floor appropriate.


Happy Holiday Hangovers ya’ll!

PS. Is it Spring yet?

xx Hope & Grace