Holiday Fashion and Nails

Holiday Fashion and Nails

Holiday Outfit Inspiration and Nail Design

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The holiday season is in full swing and 'tis the season for celebrations! Many of us have numerous Christmas parties lined up and soon we will be ringing in the New Year – all in style of course! So many events, so many outfits and in the age of social media where one's attire is instantly plastered all over the net, we wouldn't want to wear the same outfit twice now would we? I have put together a selection of my favorite holiday outfits for this season suitable for different occasions and styles. For my nails I opted for a light dusty pink polish as a base color with French ombre glitter at the tips to easily match any attire . I hope you find some inspiration for your next holiday event!



This short sleeved, form fitting dress reminds me of House of Cards' Claire Underwood. Cold and detached in character but always dressed to the T she brings couture to the White House. The grey plaid pattern and lightly padded shoulders give this dress a more conservative look but the lace detail across the chest softens the stiffness of the wool and adds a touch of sex appeal. A great choice for more formal events or if your husband sits at the oval office. The devil's wife wears Prada – in this case Zara.



Slip dresses are back this season, yay the 90s! The simplicity of a black slip dress makes it elegant but versatile at the same time. Add fun accessories and style it up with a pleather moto jacket for an edgy vibe or a long coat for a sophisticated feel. The relaxed fit makes it a perfect dress for party shenanigans including but not limited to: vigorous dancing and repeated throwing your hands in the air, waving like you just don't care (possibly followed by a high pitched “whoop whoop”).

velvet pants

Be dressy without a dress! You can pull of a glam party look without wearing glitzy dresses if that isn't your thing. Opt for wide legged pants and pair with an embellished top and voilà, instant elegance! The flowing materials make this outfit comfy yet chic. Emerald made a come back this fall/winter season and so did velvet, that makes green velvet pants just the logical lovechild! And who wouldn't want to rock a pair of these cozy-chic trousers! Balmain's use of velvet was to die for in their collaboration with H&M. Balmain led the way, we followed!


My velvet crush continues. If you are running out of time to find the perfect party dress, try wearing separates. In this two piece combination I paired a midi sleeved, cropped, velvet shirt over a short glittery skirt. I love the play of contrasts from the rich and soft velvet against the shiny sequins. I chose a relaxed tuxedo jacket to tone down the look but could see a fluffy faux fur coat as a more glamorous alternative.


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